CLC’s Eunbin Talks About Writing Lyrics For The First Time And Learning Pole Dancing

CLC’s Eunbin recently talked about her new learning experiences for CLC’s comeback during their showcase.

Eunbin participated in the writing of the song “Like That” on their new mini album “Black Dress.” She said, “They asked me for the first time if I’d like to do it, so I got up my courage and wrote some lyrics. I took a lot of care with it as it was my first time, so I’d like it if you listened to it carefully. The song has a slow, seductive vibe so it was difficult to write lyrics.”

When asked about the pole dancing in CLC’s music video, which had garnered some attention, she said, “I started learning it as a personal hobby about a year ago. It’s a hobby I’d never tried before, but it was a lot of fun so I worked hard. I enjoyed having the others look at me. I’m glad it came out well in the video.”

CLC made their comeback with “Black Dress” on February 22.

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Director Cho Geun Hyun Apologizes Following Accusation Of Sexual Harassment

Director Cho Geun Hyun, whose film “Heungbu,” which stars Jung Woo and the late Kim Joo Hyuk and is currently in theaters, has been accused of sexual harassment.

An actress (hereafter referred to as “A”) posted on social media with the hashtag “MeToo” on February 6 and shared the story of a meeting she’d had with Cho Geun Hyun about a music video he was directing. She wrote that the meeting had taken place on the afternoon of December 18, 2017, in the director’s studio.

According to “A,” she and the director only talked about matters related to the music video for 20 minutes of the meeting, which in total lasted for an hour and 20 minutes. For the other hour, she had to listen to Cho Geun Hyun’s obscene comments and gossip, disguised as advice. He had told her about how one actress had seduced a director, and another actress had talked about spending the night with a director when she had an audition.

She wrote, “Cho Geun Hyun said, ‘Acting skills are not what is important for an actress. You have to know how to seduce a man as a woman. What do you think is better, acting clean and remaining as a supporting actress or seducing someone and being the lead?’ He said that actors have to have an animal instinct and know how to make bold choices, and also said, ‘Let’s meet again next time.’ He said, ‘People have to be drunk to become a bit more honest.’”

“A” went on to say that she had wanted to respond in anger, but all she could do was listen because she was in an unfamiliar space and she was scared since he was a man who was stronger than her and she didn’t know what might happen. She said, “I wonder if he is right to have argued that ‘An actress definitely has to sleep with a director.’ I felt really pathetic for having worked so hard to prepare for the interview. I wondered if I had come all this way just to listen to these kind of comments.”

“A” also wrote that she had posted the message in the hopes that other hopeful actors and models would not be harmed in the future.

Cho Geun Hyun sent a message of apology to all the participants of the audition after the post was uploaded. His message to “A” was as follows:

“Regardless of what the situation was, I sincerely apologize if you were hurt because of that meeting. I’m not sure if you’ve seen my films, but I have always strived to have good values, and I’m the type to truly hate causing trouble to others. As it seems that I have harmed someone in this way, I am extremely distressed. It appears that I unintentionally talked for too long about reality because it seems like the film world can be seen in a too romantic way outside of the ecosystem called film. When I think about it now, I realize that my comments could have been interpreted as being overly provocative or biased. I was polite as I spoke passionately and I was disappointed that I hadn’t been able to hear what you had to say, so I wanted to meet with you again. I thought that even that could make you feel pressured, so I didn’t force it. Still, I see that you were hurt and even uploaded a post, and so I am distressed by that itself and my mistake is large. I apologize once again. If I were to have one small wish, it would be that you would take down that post. Films are not the work of one person, they include the hard work of many people, and so I think that my small mistake could diminish the film.”

Before the release of “Heungbu” on February 8, the production company became aware of the situation and excluded Cho Geun Hyun from all promotions for the film, stating that his absence was due to health issues. The director is currently residing in the United States.

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CLC Talks About Being The Only Girl Group At Cube Entertainment

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On February 22, CLC held a showcase for their seventh mini album “Black Dress” at the Blue Square IMarket Hall.

The seven-member group is the only girl group at Cube Entertainment after 4Minute disbanded in 2016. Their current labelmates include boy groups BTOB and PENTAGON and several solo artists like Jo Kwon and HyunA. Earlier this year Cube had announced plans for another girl group with Jeon Soyeon.

When asked if they felt pressure to succeed as the only girl group at their agency, leader Seungyeon said, “It would be a lie to say we felt no pressure. We think of CLC as Cube’s future. We want to become a group that can work hard to repay our agency and our fans.”

CLC’s album “Black Dress” and title track of the same name was released on February 22.

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EXO And CL Attend Press Conference Ahead Of PyeongChang Olympics Closing Ceremony

On February 21, EXO and CL shared their thoughts at the press conference for the closing ceremony of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics.

Baekhyun commented, “We prepared a lot for year-end shows, but we felt that we had to prepare more than those award shows. It is a great honor, but we also practiced feeling a lot of burden. We are excited at the thought of showcasing great performances.”Suho added, “Not a single EXO member existed during the 1988 Olympics, and now I cannot believe that we are taking the stage at the closing ceremony for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. While watching the opening and closing ceremonies in other countries, I thought that it’s really incredible to go on that stage. Now that EXO is doing so, it is a new feeling, and I think tears might fall after we complete our performance.”

When asked about Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva who has expressed her love for EXO, Suho revealed that they sent her a signed album. He also gave the supportive message, “I hope you will compete healthily without any injuries.”

On which athletes they want to meet, Suho shared that he wants to meet skeleton racer Yun Sung Bin. Chanyeol mentioned curler Kim Young Mi, drawing laughter as he explained, “My mother’s name is Lee Young Mi, and they keep on calling the name Young Mi, so I was reminded of my mom a lot.”CL commented on performing at the closing ceremony, “I am so honored to be invited and take the stage at a celebration that the entire world watches, and I think it is more meaningful because it is in Korea. I hope everyone will anticipate it and enjoy the performance together.”

On her performance, she added, “Rather than explaining it with words, it is best to just show you.”

When asked when she found out about the closing ceremony, she responded, “I found out three months ago. There was a preliminary meeting beforehand also. It was very important to me. I had to prepare well, and there was the request to not tell anyone. It was a mission, and I kept the secret.”

CL continued, “After my participation was revealed, many people congratulated me. I put in all my effort to prepare.”The closing ceremony for the PyeongChang Olympics will be held on February 25 at 8 p.m. KST.

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Lee Seung Gi Gifts IU With Coffee Truck

Lee Seung Gi has recently received attention for his sweet gift to IU!

The actor thoughtfully sent a truck with coffee and churros to the set of IU’s upcoming drama “My Ahjussi.” He wrote on the sign, “To Ji Eun [IU’s given name] and the cast and crew of ‘My Ahjussi,’ please enjoy the food and gain strength! From Lee Seung Gi.”

He also wrote at the top of the truck, “I’m rooting for Ji Eun and the ‘My Ahjussi’ team.”

Lee Seung Gi and IU are known to have become friends after meeting in 2009 on the set of the SBS variety show “Strong Heart,” which featured Lee Seung Gi as an MC. The actor also made a cameo appearance in IU’s drama “Producer” in 2015.

Check out Lee Seung Gi’s appearance in Episode 6 of “Producer” below!

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Yunho’s Sweet Encouragement Towards Olympic Skater Cha Jun Hwan In 2011 Warms Fans’ Hearts

As South Korean skater Cha Jun Hwan takes to the ice during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, many fans are looking back at TVXQ member Yunho’s encouraging prediction towards the young skater in the past!

Yunho and Cha Jun Hwan got to know each other when they both appeared on the SBS skating competition show “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” back in 2011. When Cha Jun Hwan, who was only 11 years old (in Korean reckoning) at the time, was eliminated in one episode along with another contestant, they were comforted by the rest of the cast as they burst into tears.

While the others supported them and told them not to cry, Yunho embraced the young Cha Jun Hwan and said, “This isn’t your goal, your goal is the world. You’re going to head out towards the world.” As the pair had been competitors on the show, Yunho also joked, “You’re my eternal rival.”

Yunho’s prediction of Cha Jun Hwan’s big future came true, as he’s now competing for his country at the Olympics. After qualifying with his performance in the short dance event on February 16, he will be competing in the free dance event on February 17.

With Yunho’s encouragement gaining attention once again during the Olympics, many fans have commented on how sweet the moment was.

You can watch the clip below!

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