BoA Shares Stories Of Meeting Her Fan Jinhwan Of iKON And Promoting With “Produce 101 Season 2” Idols

BoA appeared as a guest on the latest episode of SBS PowerFM’s radio show “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” where she talked about meeting fans who are fellow artists, as well as getting to see many of the idols from “Produce 101 Season 2” again!

During the February 21 episode, host Park So Hyun mentioned that iKON’s Jinhwan had said he wanted to meet BoA and take a photo with her, and she asked if they’d met yet.

“Yes, they were in the next waiting room at ‘Inkigayo,’” said BoA. “So they came to say hello, and we took a photo.”

Park So Hyun asked if Jinhwan had told her how much of a fan he is. BoA replied, “Bobby said, ‘He’s a huge fan!’ So he said he was a huge fan and gave me a signed album.” She laughed as she shared that Jinhwan had written that he wants to call her “noona,” a term for a man’s older sister or female friend.

BoA also mentioned when she was promoting “NEGA DOLA,” she felt like she could recognize almost all of the male idols because it seemed like 90 percent of them had been on “Produce 101 Season 2.”

“It was really good to see them,” she said, and mentioned in particular that the members of JBJ had come by and she was glad to see them.

When asked if she remembered anyone else who had come to see her, BoA said that Oh My Girl had also liked her a lot and they had taken a photo together. She then shared a funny story about how she had been performing at the same event as Ailee, and she’d been walking along when she heard a scream. She realized that it was Ailee, who is also BoA’s fan, and the pair took a photo together.

Park So Hyun also asked which song BoA would like to request to be played on the radio, and BoA asked for iKON’s “Love Scenario.” She sang a short bit of the song at Park So Hyun’s request, and said, “I’ve been listening to that song a lot.”

Jinhwan previously shared a photo of himself with a signed album for BoA on his Instagram, where he wrote that he was a big fan of BoA and hadn’t been able to give her the album that day, but was hoping to do so the next day.

BoA recently made a comeback with her new mini album “One Shot, Two Shot,” featuring the title track of the same name.

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RAINZ Shares Photo From Reunion With “Produce 101 Season 2” Mentor BoA

RAINZ has shared a photo from their reunion with “Produce 101 Season 2” mentor BoA! The meet-up occurred on February 4 during the recording of SBS’s “Inkigayo” as both BoA and RAINZ were scheduled to perform that day.

The boy group shared the photo on their official Twitter account with the caption, “It was emotional and thrilling to be able to meet BoA again as a debuted group, not trainees. We will never forget the warm support you gave us, and we will continue to work even harder as RAINZ. Thank you.”

They added a cheeky hashtag that read, “Sung Hyuk doesn’t need to pack his shampoo and conditioner anymore.” This referred back to the first round of eliminations on “Produce 101 Season 2” when member Seo Sung Hyuk was talking about thinking he was going to be eliminated and BoA asked him, “Did you pack your shampoo and conditioner?”

All of the members of RAINZ were once trainees who appeared on Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” in 2017. BoA was not only the MC of the show, but she was also a mentor to the trainees and shared her own experiences as an idol singer.

10 Things You May Not Know About Fan-Imagined Group JBJ

JBJ has just announced the official name of their fandom as Joyful, so what better time than now to get to know the boys a little better. Here are some facts you may not have known about the group that was “made by the fans, for the fans”!

The group has a complicated origin story

By now you probably know that the band is made up of former trainees from Mnet’s survival program “Produce 101 Season 2,” but do you know the full story behind JBJ’s formation?

The fantasy started with a rumor that claimed Kenta, Longguo, and Tae Dong would perform in the same team for one of the show’s evaluations. Fans were excited by the idea as the three contestants were revered for their on-point dance skills. Even after the rumor proved to be incorrect and the boys did not work together on the challenge, the configuration kept attracting more and more support and their popularity grew. Soon after, Kang Dong Ho was initiated into the unofficial lineup, and fans began referring to the boys under the singular moniker KenCallTaeGyunHo.

The other popular unofficial team was RohTaeDongHan, consisting of Noh Tae Hyun, Kim Dong Han, and Kim Tae Dong. The unit received a lot of love after performing together as part of the “Shape of You” team.

After each contestant of RohTaeDongHan and KenCallTaeGyunHo was eventually eliminated, a Tae Hyun fan suggested merging the two groups under one name, “JBJ.”

Hyun Bin was also added to the fantasy super-group. Fans felt the model matched well with the other members.

The fantasy seven-member outfit was met with enthusiasm from many “Produce 101 Season 2” viewers and support spread among online communities. The boys became aware of the imagined group, and – with a few hurdles along the way – the fans’ dream became a reality.

Unfortunately, due to conflicts with his agency, Tae Dong was unable to debut with the band.

The boys have their own reality show

Mnet’s reality series, “Just Be Joyful JBJ,” observes the rookie idols as they navigate the path to idol stardom and accomplish their dreams.

“Owning two bathrooms has “been my dream since childhood.” – Noh Tae Hyun.”

Watch the JBJ members chill with Longguo’s cats, be impressed by their dorm’s amenities, and be all-round adorable here.

Two of the members have tattoos

Longguo and Kenta are both inked.

Kenta has a star on his ankle which represents the Japanese member’s desire to shine.

Passionate about his craft, Longguo revealed that his tattoo is a tribute to music.

Longguo in a pictorial for Star1 Magazine

Tae Hyun has a unique doppleganger

…at least according to Coni from “Weekly Idol.” JBJ appeared on the K-pop variety program, along with other “Produce 101 Season 2” alum, where the funny host (and astute genius) revealed the very true, non-debatable fact.

Dong Han is a variety king in the making

In an interview about the boys’ future, member Dong Han revealed that he aspires to delve further into variety. The singer proclaimed his love for the genre, and named tvN’s “Journey to the West,” KBS2’s “2 Days and 1 Night,” and SBS’s “Running Man” as the variety programs he most wishes to take part in.

It was Dong Han’s idea.

Always “on.”

Sang Gyun was meant to debut in a group with BTS’s Nam Joon

Sang Gyun trained under Big Hit Entertainment before moving agencies and joining Topp Dogg.

Can you imagine an alternate-reality in which there’s a BTS without RM, and a JBJ without Sang Gyun? Harrowing.

I’m also not so sure the world would be able to handle so much genius in the one group.

Longguo debuted as part of a duo after “Produce 101 Season 2” and before JBJ

In July of this year, shortly after finishing his run on “Produce 101 Season 2” and just before becoming an official member of JBJ, Longguo debuted as one half of the duo “Longguo & Sihyun”.

Listen to their first track and watch their debut video here.

Hyun Bin might burst into song at any moment, and no one is safe

As documented on the band’s reality show, Hyun Bin is prone to singing at inexplicable moments.

The rapper’s best performance, IMO, is his spot-on rendition of Wanna One’s “Energetic,” performed – without notice – at the entrance to an underground subway station.

You make me feel…

…so high!

Everyone loves Kenta

During his time on “Produce 101 Season 2,” Kenta earned the affection of vocal trainers Yumi and Lee Seok Hoon.

Kenta was praised for his kind, polite, and hard-working nature, and was named as the contestant Seok Hoon was most sad to see leave the show.

In a post on Instagram, Yumi referred to the ex-trainee as her trainee “pick.”

The group will be active for seven months

The current plan is to promote for just over half-a-year. The boys will then return to activities with their original groups, or go back to the trainee life.

Depending on the group’s success, JBJ’s contract may be extended, so give all your love and support to the guys to keep them around longer!

Do you consider yourself to be a proud Joyful? Do you know any more interest facts about the group? Share your love for the boys in the comments below!

Honbap is from Sydney, Australia. Pentagon’s Shin Won is the best-looking idol she’s seen in real life.

6 Things You Need To Know About HOTSHOT

HOTSHOT’s been around in the K-pop industry for more than three years now, but many people only got interested in the group after Ha Sung Woon and Noh Tae Hyun appeared on “Produce 101 Season 2” and Timoteo and Hojung auditioned on “The Unit.”

If you are not very familiar with the boys yet, here are a few things you should know about HOTSHOT!

The basics

HOTSHOT is a six-member boy group under Star Crew Entertainment, consisting of members Junhyuk, Timoteo, Noh Tae Hyun, Ha Sung Woon, San, and Hojung. They debuted on October 31, 2014 with their single album “Take a Shot.”

Before debuting, the boys released a webtoon called “HOTSHOTTOON” and a series of videos titled “HOTSHOT VOLUMES.” After promoting their debut single on various music programs, the group released its first mini-album in April 2014, titled “AM I A HOTSHOT?” The repackage album, “I’M A HOTSHOT,” was released in the summer of the same year. They made their Chinese debut in 2015, and they also debuted in Japan in 2016 with their single album “Step by Step.”

Members Noh Tae Hyun and Ha Sung Woon decided to enter the second season of “Produce 101,” and they won the heart of the viewers immediately. Noh Tae Hyun ended up getting eliminated, but he later became part of the fan-imagined group JBJ. Ha Sung Woon finished in 11th place on the show,  becoming a member of the final 11-member group, Wanna One. This also means Ha Sung Woon won’t be able to join HOTSHOT’s activities until January 2019.

HOTSHOT made their first comeback without Ha Sung Woon with the digital single “Jelly” this summer.

To represent their team and spread HOTSHOT’s name further, members Timoteo and Hojung decided to participate in KBS2’s idol-rebooting show “The Unit.”

The members are incredibly talented

The meaning of HOTSHOT’s name is “someone who does really well in the world of music,” and all six of the members live up to this name without a doubt! Let’s take a look at what they have!

Junhyuk is the leader and the eldest member of the group. He enjoys composing and is a great singer-songwriter. He is one of the main vocals of HOTSHOT, and he can play the piano, too. He is a responsible leader who takes care of his members, and he will definitely find his way to your heart with his warm personality!

Timoteo (or Kim Moonkyu) is a real all-rounder: apart from being a sub-vocal and rapper of the group, he is also one of the main dancers. He is a former SM trainee, and was supposed to debut with EXO. He is famous for his wide shoulders, and, according to his close friend SHINee’s Taemin, he gives very good advice.

Noh Tae Hyun’s dance skills are undoubtedly one of a kind! Before debuting with HOTSHOT, he was part of the krump dance crew “Monster WOO FAM” and made a name for himself in the underground dance scene as “Kid Monster.” While dancing in the team, he even had the chance to teach some moves to BIGBANG’s Taeyang. The boy is full of talent; he’s not only an exceptional main dancer, but he is also a lead vocalist and rapper of the group.

Ha Sung Woon had many chances to showcase his beautiful voice and his great dancing skills on “Produce 101 Season 2,” and he fulfills his job as a main vocal of HOTSHOT astonishingly well! His imitation of Spongebob and and Squidward can crack us up every time, and he showed us his entertaining and lovable personality in a special segment of VIXX member N’s radio program, “VIXX N K-pop.”

San (or Yoonsan) is the main rapper of the group and is known for speaking French fluently. He lived in France for eight years, and he did an internship for a designer working at Chanel. Our true fashionista is really into computer games as well; even his Instagram username is inspired by an Overwatch character.

Hojung is the youngest and lead vocalist of the group, but his dance skills are also on point. He’s HOTSHOT’s visual, and he’s really into body building; he actually participated in a Musclemania competition this year and even won an award! His bright smile can light up everyone’s day, and we can hopefully see more of his talent on “The Unit.”

Their comebacks are always huge bops

There’s just something about HOTSHOT’s songs that makes you want to dance and sing your heart out! The melodies are catchy, the chorus always sticks in your head for days, and the impressive choreographies make everything 10 times better. If you haven’t heard before, it’s time to check out “I’m a HOTSHOT” and “Watch Out”!

They are true survival show kings

Every time HOTSHOT members appear on survival shows, they leave a big impact on the judges and the audience. Before debut, Junhyuk participated in “Superstar K2” where he finished in the top 24.

Next, it was Ha Sung Woon and Noh Tae Hyun on “Produce 101 Season 2.” Their audition was really captivating and they left the other participants in awe. They both got an A-rank after the performance and continued to work hard and amaze everyone on the show. We all loved Noh Tae Hyun’s iconic choreography for Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”!

Timoteo and Hojung also made their first appearance on “The Unit” unforgettable. They performed EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” and managed to snatch a Super Boot: this means at least 90 percent of the live audience voted for them, allowing them to pass without the judges’ votes. Watch their powerful performance here!

They have tons of idol friends

While being an SM trainee, Timoteo became great friends with SHINee’s Taemin and EXO’s Kai, and their bond is still unbreakable. Ha Sung Woon also joined this friend group, which now also includes BTS’s Jimin. Read more about their circle of friends and their matching parkas here!

Both Timoteo and Ha Sung Woon are close friends with VIXX’s Ravi, who’s showed support for HOTSHOT’s comebacks and cheered for the boys on the survival shows as well. He is known for hyping up HOTSHOT on his social media accounts, and you can read about his adorable messages here. Ha Sung Woon even sang some demos for Ravi, including the demo for VIXX’s “Heaven” and “Rose” from Ravi’s solo album.

Timoteo also mentioned that he is close to Super Junior M’s Zhoumi and VIXX’s Hongbin, while Ha Sung Woon has a great relationship with the MONSTA X members and FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki, too.

Noh Tae Hyun is good friends with Girl’s Day’s Minah, who was rooting for him during “Produce 101 Season 2” as well.

They are extremly entertaining and adorable

The group’s internal dynamics are no joke, and the members’ genuine personalities make it very easy to fall for them. It’s great to see their playful interactions, and they’ve shown us many times how much fun they can have!

If you’re up for eight minutes of pure cuteness and massive laughs, check out this video of the members trying to hum popular songs!

If it wasn’t enough, today is your lucky day! They also do the same challenge with famous K-pop songs!

It’s exciting to see HOTSHOT finally getting more attention and love, as they definitely deserve to be in the spotlight! Let’s support the boys for a long time and hope for the best for them!

Meanwhile, catch Hojung and Timoteo in the latest episode of “The Unit” here:

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CJ E&M Responds To Accusations Of Unfair Contracts And Practices

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Following Congresswoman Je Youn Kyung’s official request for the Fair Trade Commission to take action against survival audition programs and broadcasting stations for unfair contracts and practices, CJ E&M has spoken up.

A source from CJ E&M explained the contract process for “Produce 101 Season 2” and said, “Prior to starting Season 2 we held meetings with agencies to explain the contracts three times in the beginning of the year.”

The source also refuted that CJ E&M abused appearance contracts and treated them like exclusive contracts. The source said, “Following the contract explanation meetings the contracts were signed, so all of the contracts were completed before broadcasts started. We received recommendations from the Fair Trade Commission after which we revised clauses in the contracts and then the contracts were signed.”

See Also: Congresswoman Pushes For Action Against Unfair Practices From “Produce 101 Season 2” And “The Unit”

In regards to comments about other members of Wanna One (besides Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji Sung who are signed under CJ subsidiary MMO Entertainment) belonging to agencies that CJ E&M has shares in, the source said, “It is clearly not true. There are none besides MMO Entertainment.”

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QUIZ: Are You More Like Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon Or Kang Daniel?

The battle for the No.1 position on “Produce 101 Season 2” was intense between Kang Daniel and Park Ji Hoon, and while Daniel managed to seize the center position in the end, we are just really happy to see both boys debuting and performing on stage!

Wanna One’s comeback is around the corner and we can’t wait to see the 11 boys again! It’s time to find some distraction until the wait is over, so here’s a cute personality quiz that’ll tell you whether you have more Daniel or more Ji Hoon in you.

Are you more like the KakaoTalk character Apeach or the pink Pokémon Jigglypuff? Take our quiz below to find out!

Who did you end up getting? Let us know in the comments below!

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RAINZ Reveals How They Felt After The End Of “Produce 101 Season 2”

RAINZ was recently featured in a pictorial and interview for Gioami Korea!

When asked about their official debut, RAINZ responded, “After meeting on ‘Produce 101 Season 2,’ our team was formed after many ups and downs. At first, we wondered if we could really debut. After we debuted, on the one hand, we were so excited but also a little worried. However, the seven of us will unite as RAINZ, not give up, and run forward.”

The interviewer then asked the seven-member group what they did after the wrap of “Produce 101 Season 2.” “After filming ended, we felt empty. We missed seeing our friends whom we spent a lot of time with,” said RAINZ. “To fill that void, we only focused on practicing. However, now that our debut has been finalized, we are nervous and excited to meet our fans.”

RAINZ became serious when they talked about the musical direction of their group. They commented, “Like our group’s name, we want to give blissful inspiration and joyful energy to those who are tired from their day-to-day lives. First and foremost, we want to make bright, energetic music.” (RAINZ stands for Rapturously Inspiriting Boyz).

They also added that they want to grow so that all seven members can portray different colors of music like a rainbow.

Check out RAINZ’s photos from the pictorial below!

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