iKON sweeps 1st place for 28 days

On January 25, the icon of ‘Love Scenario’ was released on the 25th. The song is sweeping the first place on the real-time chart of 7 domestic sound source sites on the 21st (today).

Due to the nature of the sound recording market, it has been causing the syndrome of “Love Scenario” by keeping the first place for 28 days in a reality where it is difficult to stay in one to two weeks. In the meantime, many groups and singers have come back to the top of the charts, but iKON has been able to maintain their top position with the power of music and contents.

iKON has succeeded in standing up as ‘top idol’ with the best album.

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EXO & CL Performance : Closing ceremony of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games

The ‘2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’ will end at the closing ceremony on the theme of ‘the wave of the future’ at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium on August 25th.

The organizers said, “We plan to express the message of peace that acknowledges the difference between harmony and fusion through modernity and futurism through the combination of Korean color and innovative modern art, and K-pop performance.”

At the closing ceremony, K-pop stars CL (CL) and EXO (EXO) appear on stage.

For reference, when the song “Gangnam-style” of Psy, was sung in the stadium during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on February 9, and spectators and athletes enjoyed.

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“Hyori’s Homestay” ‘Girls’ Generation Center Yoona’s troubles and tears

At the JTBC ‘Hyori’s Homestay’ which was broadcast on the 18th, Yoona had tea time with Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang Soon. Lee Hyo-ri turn on song titled “goodbye”. Yoona concentrates on listening to the music that is ringing in the house, and soon afterwards she shed tears. Lee Hyo-ri said, “Come to the wind, and if you get cold, it will sink.” Yoona went out and shed tears. I looked into the distant mountain and fell in thought. I cleared my eyes from the balcony and washed away my tears.

Later Yoona confessed her troubles. Yoona said, “I do not have anything special. I cannot sing or dances well.” Girls’ Generation Yoona, who was a center for a long time, shared her frank inner heart.

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Wanna One comeback date confirmed on March 19

YMC Entertainment, a management company of Wanna One, said on December 20, “Wanna One has recently taken a music video and will release a new album on the 19th of next month.”

Wanna One released a picture of a teaser titled ‘Golden Age Begins’ on Twitter before.

Wanna One overcame the limit of being a cable survivor, worked on various programs beyond the terrestrial thresholds, and collected various trophies including various new songs at various awards ceremonies. It is noteworthy that those who come back in about four months will continue their momentum in this activity.

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Billboard opens BTS category

The BTS category was opened on the main billboard homepage on the 14th. The category includes actual bulletin board news.

In particular, the BTS category is the only group name category, which shows Billboard’s view of the BTS as a genre.

Also The Billboard released eight versions of magazines on the cover of the BTS by official Twitter on the 15th (local time). According to the photo, Billboard magazine has a total of 8 versions, including all pictures of bulletproof boys and 7 individual members.

The magazine, which appeared on the front cover of the BTS, sold more than 17,000 copies in four hours and was sold out.

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Jung Seung-hwan, “IU is real star”

Singer Jung Seung-hwan is mentioned IU participated in song ‘Snowman’

IU took part for the “Snowman” lyrics. He said “Thank her to accept the help request. It was grateful. IU has been busy situations. In situations where she were not able to come, she gave detailed instructions with text. I felt she is real star, and she is a very meticulous person”

And he expressed thankfulness to IU, ‘I am very joyful to sing the song has good lyrics. I want to have more chances with her.”

After receiving the favorable response from the song “Snowman”, the interest is gathering attention to the good performance of the regular title track. The songs on the regular 1st album will be released on the sound source site before 6 pm on the 19th.

After receiving the favorable response from the song “Snowman”, regular 1st album will be released on the sound source site at 6 pm on the 19th.

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BTS Make History As The First K-Pop Act on ‘The Ellen Show’ (WATCH)

The boys of BTS have been dominating the international music scene ever since their ‘BillBoard Music Awards’ win back in May of this year. Now that the 7 member group have made their mark in U.S territory, the K-Pop phenomenon continue to make their way overseas as they were found under another familiar spotlight – ‘The Ellen Show’!

BTS showcased their charisma and what makes them so popular with the performance of their latest song “DNA” off of their album ‘Love Yourself: Her.’ The performance was transcending, captivating and quite the emotional experience for the fans (aka ARMY) among the crowd who were front row and enter, cheering out each individual member’s name and singing along to the mesmerizing lyrics. Check out the jaw-dropping performance down below!

BTS continues to impress as they made Ellen’s popular stage set their own as they danced magnificently and effortless while dishing out some unique lyrics with their killer rap style. But that was just one of the many memorable moments on the show as Ellen gave BTS the star treatment and more through her casual interview with the members and mostly English speaking member Rap Monster (who recently changed his stage name to R.M). Check out the interview down below!

What did you think of BTS’ epic experience on ‘The Ellen Show’ as well as their performance? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below!

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