13 Devoted Celebrities Who Have Fascinating Collections

Some idols tend to have interesting hobbies, and owning collectibles is definitely one of them!

From purchasing all the releases of a specific merchandise, to being content with figurines and plushies from famous brands, to completely going the extra mile and investing in luxurious items; one thing is sure about these collections: they’re all unique.

Here are some fascinating collections led by 13 devoted celebrities.


BTS’s Jin surely expresses his dedication for the Mario universe by acquiring tons of related figurines and plushies that ornate his room. He also receives Mario-themed gifts from his fans during fansigns.

Furthermore, he is very protective of his collection and often threatens his members should they dare to touch it in his absence.

When it comes to EXO’s Chanyeol, his love for Rilakkuma has been perceived on more than one occasion. In fact, he publicly shows his love for the Japanese character by proudly displaying his collection in his bedroom.

He also packs his dolls wherever he goes, just like he did prior to his appearance on “The Roommate.”

As for Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, the disney movie “Frozen” seems to have bewitched him. The humorous idol not only collects everything Frozen-themed, but he also enthusiastically cosplayed as both Anna and Elsa on different occasions.

A mutual appreciation for “The Simpsons” seems to unite CNBLUE’s Jong Yong Hwa and HyunA! Both idols have quite the collection to brag about, with HyunA’s Instagram feed basically breathing the famous animated show.

Another fervent collector of fictional characters is actor Shim Hyung Tak, who has opened up about his obsession with Doraemon during his featuring on “Real Men.”

A couple of years back, he also spoke on “Infinite Challenge” about the comfort that the Japanese animation brought him during his school days when he was shunned by his classmates.

Stuffed animals

Uhm Hyun Kyung seems to have a specific preference when it comes to stuffed animals, and that is none other than stuffed giraffe dolls.

During her appearance on “I Live Alone,” Uhm Hyun Kyung displayed her giraffe mania as seen down below.


[email protected] and KAWS are two of the most popular figurines that receive a lot of idols’ attention, and 2PM’s Junho is definitely a collector.

He introduced viewers to his house via his group’s reality show “Real 2PM,” humbly revealing his exhibition corner where an aesthetic ensemble is displayed. (Start watching at 2:20)


Art and BIGBANG’s T.O.P are a match made in heaven. He has turned his Instagram feed into a virtual museum, thanks to his numerous posts of paintings and mostly chairs that he has ambitiously acquired throughout the years.

As of 2016, the rapper-turned-actor became a curator for Sotheby’s, pushing his passion for fine art even further.


Apparently, Park Hae Jin and Highlight’s Lee Gikwang share the same passion: collecting sneakers.

Park Hae Jin is one of the biggest collectors of Nike shoes, based on the storage he keeps in his house.

On the other hand, Gikwang is more of an avid collector of a wide variety of sneakers, as seen during his appearance on “I Live Alone.”


Both JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Dok2 have dedicated their time and money to collect expensive cars, which basically counts as a lifetime investment.

Check out Junsu’s proud collection on his Instagram account:

Dok2 also shared a snap of his white cars, aligned in his garage:

Which collection is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

Won Jin Ah Talks About Working With 2PM’s Junho In “Just Between Lovers”

Actress Won Jin Ah recently sat down for an interview after the conclusion of “Just Between Lovers.”

When asked about 2PM’s Junho, her co-star in the drama, she responded, “Junho is not much older than me, but he is experienced and focused, and there was a lot to learn from him.”

She continued, “When we first went on set, he was really Kang Doo himself. Because he was exactly the Kang Doo I imagined, it was really helpful when acting.”

Won Jin Ah added that he worked to make it a comfortable atmosphere for everyone on set.

She revealed that she was worried about the overly sweet and romantic scenes. “Sweet is good, but I didn’t know if I could carry it out well. However, Junho acted natural like Kang Doo on set, so the awkwardness went away. He said the lines in a heart-fluttering and smooth way, so I was able to act with ease,” she shared.

If you haven’t yet, begin watching “Just Between Lovers” below:

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2PM’s Jun.K Personally Apologizes For Drunk Driving

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2PM’s Jun.K has personally apologized for his recent drunk driving incident through a post on 2PM’s official site.

He stated, “This is Min Jun.

“First, I am very sorry that I must write to everyone like this because of this matter.

“My spur-of-the-moment decision was foolish. I will look back, deeply repent, and reflect on myself, who made such a mistake even though I know how extremely wrong it is to drink and drive.

“I am sincerely sorry to have disappointed all the fans who loved and believed in me, and my members.”

Jun.K was discovered to have been driving under the influence of alcohol on February 10, around 7 a.m. KST at a sobriety checkpoint that was set up at the intersection near Sinsa Station. He was reported to have been indicted without physical detention as he had a blood alcohol content level of 0.074 percent, and the police will soon further investigate the exact details of the incident.

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2PM’s Junho Says He Hasn’t Dated In 10 Years And Is Looking For Love

In a recent interview, 2PM’s Junho opened up about his love life and revealed that he’s looking for a real relationship.

Early on in his career as an idol, Junho was rumored to not have had much romantic experience. When asked if that were still the case, he admitted blushingly, “It’s still the same. I haven’t dated properly once in the last 10 years.”

He went on, “They say that everyone finds time to date, no matter how busy they are, but because of my personality, I find it hard to do two things at once. In order to focus on one thing, you have to let go of another, and I still have a hard time with that.”

However, Junho added that his perspective on love and dating has recently changed. “When I was younger, I was so ambitious about work, I felt strongly that ‘I still need to focus on work for now.’ So there was a part of me that consciously shunned dating.”

“But now I don’t feel that way anymore,” he continued. “Should an opportunity happen to naturally come my way, of course I want to take it. However, I’d like it to be a real connection, not a brief, lighthearted fling or something that will end easily. If I’m going to meet someone, I’d prefer it to be [meaningful].”

The 2PM member also shared that he has a hard time hanging out with his female friends without worrying that people will make false assumptions about them.

“Even though they’re just friends, I get worried and nervous that they might be negatively affected in some way [by false rumors],” he revealed. “I might not worry if I were a more active person—the type who has a lot of female friends and goes out to meet a lot of different people. But I’m actually quite closed off, and I’m the type who rarely leaves the house, so I feel like people would be more likely to jump to false conclusions about me. That makes me more cautious.”

Junho went on to declare, “Once I like something, I end up really liking everything about it; and once I start something, I’m the type to focus on it for a long time. So I feel the same about my romantic relationships—once I end up meeting someone, I want to date her properly and have a real relationship.”

Junho recently starred in the drama “Just Between Lovers.” If you haven’t already seen it (or even if you have), you can check out the first episode below!

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February Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

The Korean Business Research Institute has published February’s results for brand reputation rankings among boy groups!

The Institute analyzed 123,332,307 sources of data from January 9 to February 10 in the categories of participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness.

BTS topped this month’s brand reputation rankings with a total score of 19,433,248. Wanna One followed up in second place with a total score of 14,886,529, while iKON came in third place with a score of 8,441,289.

A source from the Institute revealed that BTS was highly associated with the keywords “Golden Disc,” “Billboard,” and “Grand Prize (Daesang)” as they came in first place this month.

The top 30 rankings are as follows:

  1. BTS
  2. Wanna One
  3. iKON
  4. EXO
  8. JBJ
  9. SHINee
  10. BTOB
  11. Super Junior
  12. WINNER
  13. Shinhwa
  14. GOT7
  15. 2PM
  16. NCT
  18. VIXX
  19. Block B
  20. NU’EST W
  21. B1A4
  22. Highlight
  23. ASTRO
  24. MXM
  25. MONSTA X
  26. BEAST
  27. TRCNG
  28. TVXQ
  29. RAINZ
  30. VAV

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2PM’s Junho Chats About Acting And Upcoming Performance With Taecyeon

2PM member and actor Junho appeared on SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” to talk about his acting career and 2PM.

On the February 9 radio show, Junho updated fans on what he’s been up to. He said, “I’m happy. I filmed for five months in Busan, did a tour in Japan, and am now coming to my senses. It feels surreal.”

Junho recently starred in his first lead melodrama JTBC’s “Just Between Lovers.” He commented, “I just returned to my everyday life, so I couldn’t really feel the reactions. The drama also airs late at night, so I couldn’t really hear the reactions, but I am now starting to hear them but the reactions seem positive, so I’m happy.”

When asked about the most difficult scene to film, Junho answered, “The set and filming took place outdoors, so when it was cold, it was cold and when it was hot, it was hot. On top of this, I played the role of an odd-job man, so I really did everything. It felt like I was on ‘Real Life Experience.’ It wasn’t that difficult, but I think I gained a lot of experience. It won’t be something I’ll be able to experience again for a long time.”

In order to immerse himself in his character, Junho rented a studio and confined himself indoors. He explained, “My character has a lot of pain and lives in the back of an alley, so I thought I should become impoverished. I made it so that the studio didn’t get sunlight, lived messily, and didn’t even speak.”

He continued, “I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have years of experience and if I’ll continue to act this way, but I thought I needed to do this to concentrate. Now, instead of crazily immersing myself, I want to try a comfortable, fun, witty project.”

Junho was also asked about Na Moon Hee and her praise to him, “You kindly act well.” He commented, “I don’t know the meaning of the praise yet, but I think she said it seeing my sincere acting. I felt so happy that I wanted to tell everyone.”

About Won Jin Ah, Junho said, “It felt new because it was the first time we’d met. I couldn’t even guess what it would be like, so I thought it was going to be refreshing and fun.” He described Won Jin Ah as amiable and ready for anything.

Junho talked about when he began to have interest in acting. He revealed, “I was in the theater club in high school for about a year. It was a theater club that did everything really systematically. I wanted to act, but debuted as a singer. I didn’t have an opportunity for a while until I auditioned for “Cold Eyes.” Since then, I got a positive reaction and have acted since.”

He named the character that was most similar to him as Jung Jin from “Memory” and Seo Yool from “Chief Kim” with a mix of Kang Doo from “Just Between Lovers.” He then said Dong Woo from “Twenty” was the total opposite of him. About playing a villain on “Chief Kim,” Junho said, “In some ways, I was the first idol to play a villain. I like having the title of the first, so I also was the first to resign with JYP.”

At the 2017 KBS Drama Awards, Junho was awarded the Excellence Award. He admitted, “In my mind, I thought it may be the Rookie Award, but my name didn’t get called so I thought it was a bit disappointing. I couldn’t believe that it was the Excellence Award. I couldn’t think of an award acceptance speech, so I couldn’t mention my parents. I felt so sorry.”

It was recently announced that 2PM would be performing with Taecyeon at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Headliner Show.

He said, “Originally, Taecyeon was supposed to be on stage alone for 40 minutes. Taecyeon did a solo tour in Japan so it wouldn’t have been unmanageable, but he is doing this after receiving military training, so we said we would do it if we can. His current agency is his army base, so there is no such thing as compensation, but we said it didn’t matter and we would do it, so that’s how it came about.”

When the DJ commented that he would look good doing a film like “Deadpool,” Junho replied, “Honestly, I like niche and black comedy films. There are a lot of hero-centered American films, so I think I would like to try playing a hero one day.”

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Taecyeon, Beenzino, and Im Siwan To Participate In 2018 PyeongChang Olympics Events

2PM’s Taecyeon, Beenzino, and Im Siwan, who are currently soldiers fulfilling their mandatory military services, will be participating in events for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics.

According to the Ministry of National Defense, Taecyeon will be emceeing concerts at the Gangneung Art Center on February 14 and 15. Along with his fellow 9th Armed Forces Division soldiers, he will also be taking part in the opening ceremony of a cultural performance while wearing various animal masks. Taecyeon also plans to join 2PM members as the whole group will be performing at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Headliner show. Im Siwan, who is currently serving in the 25th division, will also be participating in the concert on February 15.

Beenzino will be performing on February 18 in the second half of the 2018 PyeongChang Culture Olympics concert with his fellow Illionaire Records artists Dok2 and The Quiett. The rapper, along with his labelmates, will also be participating in the PyeongChang Plaza on February 13 and 21.

The three celebrities are not the first to actively serve in the military while also carrying out events for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Ji Chang Wook also previously appeared in a promotional video.

Taecyeon previously gave up his green card in the United States and enlisted in the military last September. He was then assigned to the 9th Armed Forces Division in Gyeonggi Province as an assistant military instructor. Im Siwan enlisted last July and was assigned to the 25th division as an assistant instructor for new recruits, while Beenzino enlisted in the military last May.

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