11 Ways Super Junior Proved Their Ultimate Veteran Status

Having debuted in 2005, Super Junior is a veteran group who basically presided the second generation of K-pop. 12 years and counting, the timeless group is still as renowned as ever, with their impact on the K-pop scene remaining intact even in the midst of its respective members serving in the military. Throughout the years, the […]

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Super Junior’s Sungmin Indirectly Addresses Various Rumors Surrounding Him

Super Junior’s Sungmin has decided to indirectly address the various rumors surrounding him. He recently apologized and withdrew from Super Junior’s upcoming album, and cancelled his appearance in SMTOWN’s concerts, due to fan boycotts against him.

On July 10, Sungmin took to his personal Instagram account to post a link to an article that addresses the five biggest rumors about him. The rumors and explanations are as follows:

Rumor 1: The first rumor was that Sungmin blacklisted the term “Korean fan” from his personal blog, blocking Korean fans from communicating with him.

Explanation: The argument against this is that the idol never blocked Korean fans from his blog and he doesn’t even know how to blacklist words from his blog. He simply deleted a few malicious comments that happened to be written by Korean fans. Seeing these comments being deleted, some fans began spreading the rumor that Sungmin had blacklisted the term “Korean fan” from his blog.

Rumor 2: Sungmin asked a fan to create a celebratory video for him to use during his marriage to Kim Sa Eun in December 2014. Thus, the singer was accused of asking fans to create videos for personal purposes.

Explanation: Sungmin did not ask the fan to edit the video but simply asked for the full video. Fans often gift their favorite artists with videos of their concerts for purposes like monitoring their performances. Sungmin asked the fan for permission in advance before he used the video. The fan in question was a Chinese fan and they happily allowed him to use the full version of the video. Sungmin edited the video himself for his wedding. Therefore, he never asked the fan to edit the video for him. There were two videos that were used in his wedding, and one was created by him and the other was created by fellow Super Junior member Shindong.

Rumor 3: Sungmin asked Leeteuk if he could get married while Leeteuk was mourning his father’s death. In January 2014, Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk lost his father, and the rumors say that Sungmin approached him and kept asking him if he would give his blessings to Sungmin’s marriage to Kim Sa Eun.

Explanation: Sungmin went to the funeral parlor to comfort Leeteuk, but did not bring up anything about getting married. Leeteuk lost his father in early January, and Sungmin first brought up his plans to get married around five months later to the other members of Super Junior. The dates don’t match up.

Rumor 4: After announcing his plans to get married, Sungmin did not fully commit to Super Junior’s group activities. Rumors spread that instead of focusing on rehearsing and preparing for Super Junior’s Japanese tour, Sungmin instead enjoyed public dates with Kim Sa Eun. Rumors also claimed that he set his wedding date on the same day that he first met Kim Sa Eun, despite conflicting concert dates.

Explanation: Sungmin has never skipped a rehearsal or missed a concert because of his wedding plans. He fully committed to all of the rehearsal hours and concerts that were scheduled. The date that Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun first met and the date they got married are not the same.

Rumor 5: Sungmin silenced fans’ calls for feedback during his wedding plans.

Explanation: Sungmin wanted to communicate with fans as soon as he could, but he was obligated to work with other involved parties, including his agency, to decide on the method and contents of his official announcement. It was during this process that the news articles were published before he could get an announcement out.

Since the controversy first began, Sungmin has apologized to fans on his Instagram account and announced plans that he would not be participating in the upcoming Super Junior album. His agency, Label SJ, has also released an official statement regarding the matter.

Four members of Super Junior recently participated in SMTOWN’s Seoul concerts and spoke up about recent events as well.

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Label SJ Responds To Sungmin’s Withdrawal From Super Junior Album

In response to Sungmin’s recent apology to fans and his declaration that he will not be participating in Super Junior’s upcoming album, Label SJ released an official statement about Sungmin’s decision as well as his future activities.

Here is the full statement:

“Hello, this is Label SJ (SM Entertainment).

“This is our statement regarding Sungmin’s post today about his activities.

“Label SJ has decided to respect Sungmin’s decision not to participate in Super Junior’s album.

“From the beginning, Super Junior was created as a group that could be flexible with its members, and as a result, Super Junior has seen love and success across the globe, able to promote in a variety of ways.

“Super Junior is currently preparing for an album, with hopes to release it in October, and the label is doing its best to help Super Junior carry out promotions that are better than ever before.

“Though Sungmin isn’t participating in the album this time around, Label SJ will fully support all of Sungmin’s future activities.

“Thank you to all the fans who have loved Super Junior for so long, and we ask for your continued love and support for all of the Super Junior members.”

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Super Junior’s Sungmin Apologizes To Fans And Says He’ll Withdraw From Upcoming Album

Update: Label SJ Responds To Sungmin’s Withdrawal From Super Junior Album

Earlier, Super Junior’s agency Label SJ announced that Sungmin would not be joining the SMTOWN concerts due to the recent fan boycott. In light of this, Sungmin has posted an apologetic message to his fans through his social media account.

On July 6, he wrote, “Hello, this is Sungmin. I’m writing to you all for the first time in a while for various reasons. First of all, I want to apologize for troubling so many fans. There has been a lot of negative talk surrounding me lately, but it was something I couldn’t act alone on, so I’m very sorry for the late response.

“When I look back to when I was getting ready for my marriage, I don’t think I was very considerate and truthful to my fans who have loved me for over 10 years. I think I should’ve communicated better with my fans who got hurt by various rumors and misunderstandings.

“While I was in the army, I always looked forward to promoting with Super Junior again. However, I really want the group’s next album to do well, so I have decided to withdraw from their upcoming promotions. As a member of Super Junior, I want the group to receive love for a very long time. Considering my ongoing controversy, I think my decision to withdraw from this album is best for the group.

“I’m really sorry to my fans who have loved and supported me, but I think I need more time to reflect and work harder. I ask all ELFs to support Super Junior’s upcoming comeback.”

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Super Junior’s Sungmin Unable To Join SMTOWN Concert Due To Fan Boycott

Last month, one of Super Junior’s most influential fan communities announced that they would be boycotting all of Sungmin’s activities as a celebrity.

On July 6, a representative from Super Junior’s agency SJ Label stated, “Sungmin, who recently had an issue with his fans, will not be joining the SMTOWN concerts held in Korea and Japan. Kangin, who is currently self-reflecting on his drunk driving case, will not be attending either. The rest of the members [who aren’t enlisted in the military] will be performing at the concert.”

What are your thoughts on this decision?

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Korean Super Junior Fan Community Declares Boycott Of Sungmin’s Activities

Soon after news about Super Junior’s upcoming comeback, one of Super Junior’s most influential fan communities, DC Super Junior gallery, has demanded that member Sungmin be expelled from the group.

On June 10, DC Super Junior gallery uploaded a public statement demanding that Sungmin halt his activities as part of Super Junior.

They wrote, “DC Super Junior gallery will not tolerate Sungmin’s disrespectful attitude toward fans and independent behavior that does not consider the group as a whole. We demand that Sungmin be expelled from the group.”

What they deemed most problematic was Sungmin’s way of announcing his marriage and his lack of communication with fans after being discharged from the army.

Part of the statement reads, “When there were reports about his dating, most fans congratulated him. But when fans asked for feedback about marriage rumors, he ignored those requests. It was when fans found out about his marriage through the press that they decided to turn their backs on him.”

Another reasoning was that Super Junior’s fans had given Sungmin the nickname “Mimi” since his debut, and they were angered when he began to call his girlfriend by that same nickname fans had given him.

DC Super Junior gallery concluded, “We no longer support Sungmin, who has shown disrespectful attitudes and behaviors toward fans, and we will boycott all of his activities as a celebrity. We believe that Sungmin being part of Super Junior will affect their activities in the future and request that he halt his activities as a member of Super Junior.”

The lineup for Super Junior’s 2017 comeback has not been confirmed yet.

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