Seo Kang Joon Talks About Upcoming Drama And Taking Care Of His Cats

In a recent pictorial and interview for High Cut Magazine, Seo Kang Joon talked about how he’s been spending his time lately. The actor is starring in the upcoming KBS drama “Are You Human, Too?” (literal translation) as the advanced AI robot Nam Shin III, who is created as a temporary replacement for the comatose […]

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Seo Kang Joon Says He’s Not All That Interested In Wealth Or Popularity

In a recent pictorial and interview for Elle Magazine, Seo Kang Joon talked about his goals as an actor and his life philosophy. The actor will be starring in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Are You Human, Too?” (literal translation) as Nam Shin III, an advanced AI robot that is created as a stand-in for […]

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Seo Kang-joon takes the lead in webtoon adaptation Between Us

Seo Kang-joon takes the lead in webtoon adaptation Between Us

It’s strange to get casting news about Seo Kang-joon’s next drama when his last drama, KBS’s Are You Human Too, hasn’t even premiered yet. That one was entirely pre-produced and won’t be out till later this year, but the actor has already signed on to his next project. He’s accepted an offer to be the leading man in the new drama Between Us, an adaptation of a friends-to-lovers romance webtoon by the same name.

The original webtoon by Lee Yeon-ji ran from 2014 to 2016 and is the most popular webtoon on platform Lezhin Comics to date, with 130 million views. It’s a romance set on a college campus, about a boy and girl who have been best friends since they entered high school. The heroine, Do Ga-young, is your average wallflower who stumbles a bit through the social aspects of college life. But she’s very outspoken around her best friend, Han Woo-jin, who’s a charming social butterfly with a classic cold-on-the-outside, warm-on-the-inside personality.

The webtoon starts out with Ga-young having to navigate her freshman year of college without her wingman, because while they were happy to get into the same school, he went straight to army after high school. Fast-forward two years later when he finally joins her on campus, and they easily fall back into their comfortable routine of doing everything together, to the point that everyone just assumes they’re dating. But of course, the line between friendship and romance begins to blur.

It reads like a slice-of-life campus drama much like Cheese in the Trap, which might explain why production company Eight Works, of tvN’s Cheese in the Trap adaptation, is behind this project too. I don’t think comparisons to Cheese will do this drama any favors though, especially with Seo Kang-joon starring, so hopefully this one steers clear of any similar production woes.

Based on the first few episodes of the webtoon, the hero is already pretty swoony—he’s prickly to everyone but the heroine, he’s always coming up with excuses to be around her, and he’s extremely protective of her. He also oozes charm, which often leaves the heroine all fluttery and confused. I can easily see Seo Kang-joon in the role, and I hope they cast someone good opposite him because I love a good friends-to-lovers drama and find this relationship cute from the start.

Between Us doesn’t have a broadcaster yet, but hopefully we’ll see it sometime this year.

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Lee Tae Hwan Shares Photos Of 5URPRISE As Torchbearers For 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

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On January 7, members of actor group 5URPRISE, Seo Kang Joon, Gong Myung, Lee Tae Hwan, Kang Tae Oh, and Yoo Il ran as torchbearers for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in the city of Seongnam.

Member Lee Tae Hwan took the time to post a few photos of his members from the event on his personal Instagram.

The first photo is a selfie with the caption, “2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics torch relay success!! Our proud Korean national athletes, please don’t get hurt and try your best until the end ^^ I will cheer you on!!” He added the hashtag “2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics torch relay.”

The second photo shows the members of 5URPRISE smiling widely in their torchbearer outfits. Lee Tae Hwan added a simple caption, “Additional photo~,” with hashtags for the Winter Olympics and Olympic sponsor Coca-Cola.

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Beating hearts and fiery infernos in Are You Human Too teaser

Beating hearts and fiery infernos in Are You Human Too teaser

Given that the next trope trend on the horizon is android dramas, I’m excited at this glimpse of the our next entry in the genre, Are You Human Too, and especially at how different it is from our currently airing one, I’m Not a Robot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the adorable romance and heart-pangs that I’m Not a Robot is giving me, but given that comparison between the dramas is inevitable, I’m glad to have them be more different than not.

Are You Human Too takes a much more serious, dramatic approach to the android premise, and seems tension-packed and action-driven based on this initial teaser. So far I’m liking the look of the show; it certainly looks to have made full use of its 10 million won budget and its fully pre-produced schedule (the drama has wrapped filming).

The show also puts the android front and center, which is the opposite of I’m Not a Robot; I’m intrigued to see how it’s the robot getting the bulk of the character and plot development, not the human. That’s because the premise centers around the android, Nam Shin-III, being brought in to serve as secret placeholder for its human counterpart, Nam Shin, a third-generation chaebol who lies in a coma. Seo Kang-joon plays both versions, and it’s Shin’s mother Kim Sung-ryung, a renowned AI expert, who is responsible for the switch; she creates the robot in her son’s image, and asks him to “protect Shin’s place.”

The teaser starts out with both versions of Shin coming face to face in surprise, and one asking, “What does it mean when our faces and names are the same?” Mom tearfully asks Shin-III (“a robot more human-like than a human”) to call her Mom, and the two embrace.

Yoo Oh-sung can always be counted on to play an ambitious villain, so I expect him to be our resident baddie here. He growls menacingly for someone to “do it in one job,” and we see a dangerous car chase unfold on the road, and Shin-III behind the wheel of a car.

As the android emerges from a car and is greeted by a staff of bowing employees, he says, “I’m not the Shin of the past.” Someone tells him in a low voice, “For god’s sake, act like Shin,” and he replies, “I’m Shin, too.” We see Shin embrace Gong Seung-yeon, who plays a bodyguard, and then an explosion rocks the interior of a restaurant. An angry voice yells, “I told you not to do anything conspicuous! Why don’t you listen?”

Then as Shin covers Gong Seung-yeon’s eyes, she says she can hear his heart beating. As he carries her out of a burning building, he tells her matter-of-factly, “I don’t have things like hearts.”

Are You Human Too will premiere in early 2018.



Woo Do Hwan Talks About His Resemblance To Ryu Jun Yeol And Seo Kang Joon

Woo Do Hwan recently sat down for an interview, where he talked about his resemblance to actors Seo Kang Joon and Ryu Jun Yeol.

The actor commented, “During an interview, I was told that I resemble Seo Kang Joon and Ryu Jun Yeol. I’m thankful. They are both actors I like.”

Woo Do Hwan continued, “Some actors feel uncomfortable hearing that they look like someone else. However, I think my job requires [hearing] other people’s perspectives and comments. It’s a job where I have to persuade viewers and audience members.”

The actor added, “I have to show acting that’s most satisfying [to watch], so I have to be able to sympathize with everyone. Whether it’s good or bad, I think it’s important to hear the opinions of others.”

Woo Do Hwan has been gaining attention and popularity after appearing on OCN’s “Save Me” and KBS’s “Mad Dog.” He concluded, “These days, I’m grateful and happy. I think it’s good that more people can see more of me in one drama and that I can convey a message to them.”

Check out “Mad Dog” starring Woo Do Hwan, Yoo Ji Tae, and Ryu Hwayoung at the link below!

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Style Spotlight: All Major Fashion Moments At 2017 MAMA

K-pop has undoubtedly made an unprecedented stride all over the world, proving that language is not a barrier to music, dance, and entertainment. This year, Mnet recognized this huge phenomenon by staging three award shows in different countries: November 25 in Vietnam, November 29 in Japan, and December 1 in Hong Kong. In each country, there were slight differences when it came to the trends and overall looks of the Korean and local stars who graced the events.

Now that 2017 MAMA is over, let’s look back at the memorable fashion moments by celebrities both on the red carpet and on the stage!

Glam in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the pervading theme was local pride, as most of the Vietnamese stars wore outfits made by designers who hail from their home country. Wanna One and SEVENTEEN, on the other hand, took the classic route with safe yet red carpet-worthy looks.

Wanna One

Wanna One is having a great 2017! Not only have they topped music charts and popularity polls in Korea this year, they also captured the hearts of many Asian fans who voted for them for the Best of Next Award. On the red carpet, the boys wore classic dapper matching suits and ties, looking all sleek and mature.


What made SEVENTEEN’s style different was that some of them wore standout suits like pin-stripes, printed, gray, and navy to break the monotony of black hues.

Agnez Mo

Indonesian singer and actress Agnez Mo was the queen of the night with her sexy, street style look in a long orange shirt dress paired with silk, navy thigh high boots. Her hair, makeup, and accessories were on point, and she backed it up with amazing confidence to boot!

Hoa Minzy, Duc Phuc, and Erik

The dynamic trio wore fiery red for their performance onstage, matching Erik’s hair perfectly.

Samuel Kim

Talented singer Samuel Kim also made a dapper appearance on the red carpet and made his suit just a little more edgy with tousled hair and a side earring.


Best Asian Artist Lula wore soft florals on the red carpet and onstage when she received the award, and she looked totally cute in both outfits!

Angela Phuong Trinh

Popular Vietnamese actress Angela Phuong Trinh took her red carpet look a notch higher and had a Cinderella moment, wearing a floor-length princess ball gown with a winged-sleeve detail and sporting beehive hair. The asymmetry of this dress is absolutely stunning.

Tóc Tiên

Tóc Tiên, one of Vietnam’s most iconic pop stars, brought the glitz and glam to the night with her multiple outfit changes that were mind blowing one after the other. She wore a sequined mini suit on the red carpet, and a gold puffed-sleeved number in her ballad performance, which she later changed into a sexy red outfit. At the event, she wore a winning gold outfit to receive the Best Vietnam Artist Award.

Actress Thanh Hang

They say great minds think alike, or in this case, fashionistas know what looks are stylish, as the presenter of her award, actress Than Hang, also wore a similar look! The outfits were recently debuted in Vietnam International Fashion Week 2017 F/W collection by Cong Tri (who is also the same designer as Tóc Tiên’s red carpet attire). Their image has since become viral, likening their looks to the Petronas Tower in Malaysia and an iconic temple.

Japan: Simple and understated

In Japan, the looks were a bit conservative and classy as there were no over-the-top outfits. Minimalism and understated glam were the key themes.

Natural beauty

L-R: Fujii Mina, Lee Sun Bin, Kim So Hyun, and Ishida Nicole wore lace and chiffon gowns that looked sweet and simple.

Choo Sung Hoon and Yano Shiho looked stunning in a red, floral lace gown.

Sleek and smooth

L-R: Seo Kang Joon, Harada Ryuuji, Im Joo Hwan, and Park Bo Gum all looked handsome in their classic-trimmed penguin suits, with Im Joo Hwan opting for a matching velvet look.

Upper: MONSTA X, Lower: Wanna One and EXO-CBX. Speaking of velvet, it was definitely a material of choice that night as several boy groups incorporated it in their overall looks.

Lee Ho Jung joined the power women in suits category.

Block B’s Zico was on a league of his own. Props to him for always bravely pushing the envelope when it comes to his fashion choices.

Girl power

Chungha just might be the next fiercest solo act. She pulled off and a sheer dress over a matching black pantsuit, which looked similar to Lee Sun Bin’s look at Seoul Fashion Week last October. 

BoA is and will always be the queen of K-pop.

Upper L-R: Fromis9, former girl group I.O.I. Lower L-R: TWICE, PRISTIN. It was the reign of girl groups and the school girl outfits.

Upper: PRISTIN, lower: Weki Meki all in varying black and white outfits.

TWICE wore some touches of orange in their black looks. Mina and Sana both stood out, but they all looked equally pretty.

AKB48 dressed in their signature cute cosplay costumes. The precise detail and the exact similar cut and length of each dress was amazing! It was also considered as an epic moment that AKB48, undoubtedly one of Japan’s most popular groups, joined I.O.I on one stage for a collaboration celebrating friendship between the two countries and the same groundbreaking idol-producing system that made them into stars.

Check out the next page for the outfits featured in Hong Kong!