“Produce 101” Contestant Kim Seokyung To Debut In New Girl Group

Former “Produce 101” contestant Kim Seokyung will be debuting this year! On June 8, a representative for Kiwi Media Group announced, “We are currently preparing a seven-member girl group that will include trainee Kim Seokyung, who appeared on Mnet’s ‘Produce 101.’ We are aiming for a debut in the second half of this year.” In […]

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Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon Shares Her Advice For “Produce 48” Contestants

In a recent pictorial and interview for @star1 magazine, Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon offered the contestants of Mnet’s “Produce 48” some personal advice! The “Produce 101” veteran and former I.O.I member is currently preparing to promote with fellow Weki Meki member Choi Yoojung and WJSN (Cosmic Girls) members Seola and Luda as the project group […]

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8 Reasons Why BoA Is The Queen Of K-Pop

The rise of today’s most popular K-pop groups and their expansion to the world market can be credited to their home agencies, producers, trainers, staff, stylists, and of course, the fans who made it all happen. But much of it can also be attributed to another important aspect: their senior K-pop stars who paved the way for their […]

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DIA Members From “Produce 101” Share Advice For Yebin And Somyi Ahead Of “The Unit”

Members of DIA recently sat down to talk about Yebin and Somyi’s decision to join the idol rebooting show “The Unit,” and Jung Chaeyeon and Huihyeon talked about their own experiences on idol competition shows.

According to Yebin, “We first discussed the matter with the other members of DIA. As Huihyeon and Jung Chaeyeon had similar experience, they gave us a lot of advice. We later told the agency and had a long talk about it.”

She went on to add, “We were mostly worried about our fans. We didn’t know how they would take the news, so we tried to let them know how we feel by writing handwritten letters.”

Yebin and Somyi had earlier posted a handwritten letter to fans on their official Instagram in regards to this news, and the members all wrote a letter as well.

Somyi admitted that she was first afraid to participate in “The Unit,” but was encouraged by the agency and DIA members. She resolved to learn and make most of the experience, regardless of her rankings in the program.

The two girls both agreed that other DIA members were the ones who gave them the most courage. Huihyeon and Jung Chaeyeon, who had taken part in survival programs such as “Produce 101” and “Unpretty Rapstar 3,” offered them useful advice.

Huihyeon said that the best part of being on “Produce 101” for her was making friends, including Kim Chungha, Jeon Somi, members of PRISTIN, and other I.O.I members. In regards to her advice for her members, she said, “I told them that although the missions will be tiring, they will personally develop and gain a lot while being reviewed by the public.” She also showed her affection for the two members, saying that they will do fine as long as they stay true to themselves.

Jung Chaeyeon also said she respected the members’ decision and rooted for them. Her survival tip was to “not be hurt by malicious comments and to work hard for the fans who are cheering for them, because there are more of them.”

“The Unit” aims to give idols that already debuted a second chance to showcase their talents. The first episode will air on October 28.

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“Produce 101” Contestant Han Hyeri Parts Ways With Star Empire Entertainment

Han Hyeri from “Produce 101” has left Star Empire Entertainment.

According to various industry representatives, she ended her contract with the agency and is on the search for a new home.

In response, a source from Star Empire commented, “After discussion with Han Hyeri, we have recently decided to terminate her exclusive contract. It was a decision made after thorough discussion.”

Regarding the girl group that Han Hyeri was reported to debut with, the agency shared that they are continuing to prepare for debut, and added, “We are currently reorganizing. They are preparing with an aim to debut in the second half of this year, but nothing is confirmed.”

Han Hyeri placed no. 12 on “Produce 101” and promoted briefly with I.B.I.

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Jeon Somi Shares Advice For Wanna One, Talks About Difficult Time On “Produce 101,” And More

Jeon Somi recently sat down for an interview and shared an update with fans, as well as talked about some of her recent experiences.

The sixteen-year-old JYP Entertainment artist has made a name for herself through her promotions with temporary girl group I.O.I, competition shows “Sixteen” and “Produce 101 Season 1,” variety shows “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2” and “Idol Drama Operation Team,” and more.

During her recent interview, she was asked to let fans know what she’s been up to lately. “After the end of I.O.I’s promotions, I’ve been spending time improving my skills,” she replied. “After school, I tend to go to the agency to practice or do something that’s on my schedule.”

Jeon Somi also shared that because her high school is an arts school, she has a lot of friends who play music, so they’ll have fun together talking about music or playing instruments together.

When asked if she still meets up with her fellow members of “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2,” Jeon Somi replied, “Yes, we do sometimes. Recently the members all went to Kang Ye Won’s exhibition to support her, and ate dinner together. I also went to see a concert with Hong Jin Young and Gong Minzy. I’m so happy that we’re all close.”

While talking about her experiences on “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2,” it was mentioned to Jeon Somi that it must have been helpful for their project girl group Unnies to have former 2NE1 member Gong Minzy in the group.

“I first dreamed of being a singer because of 2NE1,” she responded. “I never imagined that I’d become friends with Gong Minzy. I think getting to know her will always be one of the most memorable things in my life.”

As Jeon Somi talked about how she had cried at the recent finale of “Produce 101 Season 2,” she mentioned that the male contestants hadn’t cried as much she had during the finale of her own season of the show.

When the interviewer said she must have had a hard time, Jeon Somi replied, “I think maybe some things were more intense because it was the first season. It was like a boot camp, it was really difficult. When we first filmed, it was so strenuous that I wanted to escape and go home.” However, she added that she has no regrets about being on the show.

Jeon Somi also shared some advice for upcoming boy group Wanna One, which was formed through “Produce 101 Season 2.” She said, “I want to tell them to love each other a lot and take care of each other.”

The young artist also sent a message to her fans who are awaiting her official debut. “Thank you for supporting me a lot and waiting,” she said. “I’m sorry, but I hope you will continue to wait. There’s still a lot I want to show you and do, so please keep supporting me.”

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PENTAGON’s Hongseok Caught Up In Dating Rumors With “Produce 101 Season 1” Trainee + Agency Denies

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Recently, a post from an internet forum has been attracting attention as it is titled, “Photos of PENTAGON’s Yang Hongseok on a date (feat. ‘Produce 101’ Lee Soohyun?)”

The photos in the post, which were taken by a fan, show PENTAGON’s Hongseok out and about in Seoul with a female companion who many are insisting is trainee Lee Soohyun from the first season of Mnet’s “Produce 101.” Netizens identified the female as Lee Soohyun based on the locations of her piercings and moles on her arms. The photos caused many to question whether Hongseok was dating the trainee.

On July 7, PENTAGON’s management agency, Cube Entertainment, stated in response, “It is true that the individuals in the photo are Yang Hongseok and Lee Soohyun; however, they are not dating. They are just friends.”

The agency continued, “The two met for the first time in a long time so they had a meal together and went to Cheonggyecheon because the weather was nice that day. If they were dating, they would not have been so boldly out and about like that. The two are not dating.”

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