N.Flying Shares Future Goals And Promise For If They Win No. 1

With their recent comeback, N.Flying talked about a goal for their future and made a promise for if they win No. 1 on a music show. Kim Jae Hyun shared, “I have a lot of ambition. My goal is to win first place on music charts or music programs. ‘Deadpool 2’ was released today. So if we win […]

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Stars Illuminate The Red Carpet At KCON 2018 Japan Day 3

Performers shined brightly on the red carpet during the third and final day of KCON 2018 Japan! On April 15 marked the finale of KCON 2018 Japan, which was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. The line-up for the third concert included Golden Child, Heize with Davii, IN2IT, MONSTA X, N.Flying, SF9, Sunmi, The Boyz, […]

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Classic Meets Contemporary: Trends Korean Stars Wore During HERA Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2018

South Korea may be bidding farewell to Winter and welcoming Spring, but the 2018 Hera Seoul Fashion Week delivered its highly anticipated Fall/Winter collections ahead of its time. It’s a fashion-forward nation, after all, and along with its trend-embracing masses is a slew of equally stylish stars who graced the red carpet. Soon, we’ll be seeing […]

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N.Flying Becomes Honorary Ambassadors For Potatoes

Thanks to their recent song “Hot Potato,” the five members of N.Flying have become honorary ambassadors for potatoes!

During their comeback showcase earlier this month, the members said they wanted to become the honorary ambassadors of Gangwon Province’s potatoes, and their dreams came true!

Kim Duk Chul, the representative of the Agricultural Cooperative of Gangwon Potatoes, said, “I hope N.Flying, who are currently promoting [their song] ‘Hot Potato,’ will inform young people about our potatoes that are the pride of Gangwon Province’s farmers. I [chose them] because I thought their healthy and cheerful image fit the role of honorary ambassadors.”

The band uploaded a photo of themselves at the appointment ceremony along with the words, “Dreams do come true. Super band N.Flying, who became honorary ambassadors for Gangwon Province’s potatoes, will do their best to work hard to promote potatoes! Gangwon Province’s potatoes are the best!”

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N.Flying Shares The Story Behind Their Potato Sticks

On January 23, N.Flying guested on radio program “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.”

The band revealed their unique temporary lighsticks for fans – which actually do not have any light. As their recent title track is “Hot Potato,” they are potatoes on sticks.

N.Flying shared, “We were going to use tornado potatoes (a Korean snack) at first, but after discussing a realistic option with our agency, we decided to use potatoes.”

The members added, “We buy three boxes of potatoes each week for the potato sticks. We ourselves wash them well, dry them, draw pictures, and hand them out.”

Although they started off with plain potatoes on sticks, the members have been working on upgrading them each time.

Check out the evolution of the potatoes below!

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6 Cute Real Life K-Pop Siblings

Genes really can’t lie! Idols not only have beautiful or handsome looks, but also talented singing and dancing skills as well. Having idol siblings is seriously a praise to some great genes. Here are six real life siblings who support each other in the same industry.

BTOB’s Ilhoon and Singer JOO

Ilhoon debuted as BTOB member after JOO made her name in the industry with her honey voice. Ilhoon recently revealed in a show that his sister would practice dancing using the glass windows when they were little. He said, “I listened to the music that my sister practiced to. We used to fight a lot during my teenage years, but since we are in the same industry, we understand each other well. She gives me moral support, and really helped me especially in my rookie years.”

WINNER’s Song Mino and New F.O.’s Dana

Dana debuted as a part of the girl group New F.O. in 2011, and Song Mino debuted as a part of WINNER in 2014. In order to support her brother, Dana brought a huge banner that said, “Song Mino Very Good” the “WIN: Who Is Next?” episode determining the final WINNER members.

Akdong Musician

The brother-sister duo consists of Lee Soo Hyun and Lee Chan Hyuk. They have been showcasing the epitome of brother and sister relationships by being sweet and also savage to each other. They are referred to as “Tom and Jerry” for their constant, loving bickering.

B1A4’s Baro and I (Cha Yoonji)

Cha Yoonji, who is known by her stage name “I,” debuted earlier this year. Even before her debut, she attracted attention as a YoonA lookalike. In a variety program, Baro said, “I have a sister who is 4 years younger than me. We weren’t a well off family when we were young, so she is very caring and thinks about others a lot. She doesn’t tell others that she is my sister, because she is afraid that there will be negative effects on me.”

Han Sun Hwa and VICTON’s Han Seungwoo

Han Sun Hwa was recently swept in a misunderstanding when she uploaded a photo of her arm in arm with her brother, Han Seungwoo. She revealed in an interview that both of them are bad at expressing their love to each other, so they don’t really give advice to each other. She continued, “But if he needs help or advice, I try to give him strength.”

Han Sun Hwa also expressed her pride towards her brother by saying, “He’s been through a lot just because he is ‘Han Sun Hwa’s brother,’ but he’s working hard. I’m proud of him.”

Kim Jae Kyung and N.Flying’s Kim Jaehyun

Kim Jae Kyung is famous for her love for her brother, Kim Jaehyun. In a recent broadcast, Kim Jaehyun revealed, “My sister tells me every detail that she noticed from monitoring me on TV. Some time ago, she told me not to do certain things on TV.” Kim Jae Kyung supported her brother by sending a coffee truck to N.flying’s music video shooting set.

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“Produce 101 Season 2” Trainees Making A Name Even Outside Of Wanna One

Wanna One has been garnering much attention recently with a full lineup of variety programs, such as “SNL Korea 9” and “Weekly Idol.”

However, there are plenty of trainees who were on “Produce 101 Season 2” who are seeing great popularity even if they didn’t make the cut for the final Wanna One lineup! Let’s delve into these 10 stars who are also under the limelight!


JBJ includes members Takada Kenta, Kim Yong Guk, Kim Tae Dong, Kim Sang Gyun, Kim Dong Han, Noh Tae Hyun, and Kwon Hyun Bin. These trainees were selected by the viewers of “Produce 101 Season 2” as members they would like to see debut. This fan-imagined group is officially making their debut in September!


Four members of NU’EST (JR, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren) competed on “Produce 101 Season 2” under their real names Kim Jong Hyun, Kang Dong Ho, Hwang Min Hyun, and Choi Min Ki. Minhyun is currently promoting as part of Wanna One and the other NU’EST members, including Aron, are promoting as NU’EST W until his return.

Six years after NU’EST’s official debut, NU’EST W have climbed the ranks from No. 225 on music charts to receiving their first No. 1 with their single, “If You.”


The duo includes Im Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun from Brand New Music, who impressed viewers with their dance and rap skills on “Produce 101 Season 2.” MXM released the tracks “Good Day” and “I Just Do” ahead of their official debut on September 6.

Samuel Kim

Samuel Kim released his solo mini album, “SIXTEEN,” on August 2. His solo career is proving to be successful after he sold out the first copies of his mini album. He also recently dropped a music video for the hip-hop track “One Two Three” featuring Maboos.

Jeong Sewoon

Jung Sewoon placed No. 12 on “Produce 101 Season 2,” just barely missing the cut into Wanna One. He garnered attention after appearing on SBS’s “K-Pop Star.” After training under Starship Entertainment for four years, he will be officially making his debut on August 31! He recently dropped some teasers, and opened up social media accounts ahead of his debut.

The East Light’s Lee Woo Jin

Lee Woo Jin joined the teenage band, The East Light after appearing on “Produce 101 Season 2.” He was the “hidden card” of the group before participating in the show. Lee Woo Jin and Jung Sa Kang have been recently experiencing popularity with their new song, “Love Is…”!

The Boyz’s Joo Hak Nyeon

Joo Hak Nyeon was confirmed to have joined the lineup for the new boy group, The Boyz, from his agency Cre.Ker Entertainment.


This would be the third project group that is in discussion after “Produce 101 Season 2.” The group consists of Joo Won Tak, Hong Eun Ki, Lee Ki Won, Byun Hyun Min, Seo Sung Hyuk, and Kim Sung Ri. The fan-imagined group was named because the members meet when it rains. They are currently in discussion of debuting under the producing of Ryan Jhun.

N.Flying’s Yoo Hoe Seung

FNC Entertainment’s boy band N.Flying added Yoo Hoe Seung to their group, and made their first comeback as a five-member group earlier this month.

Yuehua Sprouts

Yuehua Entertainment trainees Ahn Hyung Seob, Lee Eui Woong, Choi Seung Hyuk, Justin, and Jung Jung are referred to as the “Yuehua Sprouts,” and received lots of love on “Produce 101 Season 2.” Ahn Hyung Seob is participating in a web drama called “Mischievous Detectives,” along with Apink’s Namjoo and Yoo Seon Ho. Ahn Hyung Seob and Lee Eui Woong also became special MCs for “The Show” summer special.

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