12 Moments When Idols Freely Embraced Their Quirks

Almost every K-pop group has a member with a wonderful 4D personality. Their eccentric character is usually witnessed on variety shows, live broadcasts, and even during music award shows where they proudly exhibit their unique persona, much to fans’ delight. To show our appreciation of these idols’ lively auras that never fail to make us smile, here are 12 moments […]

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QUIZ: Which Female K-Pop Star Will Be Waiting To Surprise You On Christmas Morning?

Christmas is a special time of year for many reasons. The lights, the gifts, the goodwill, and cheer all add to the excitement, anticipation, and love of the season. But there’s something else that could make Christmas day even more special – finding a K-pop star waiting for you on Christmas morning! Take this quiz to see which lovely and talented lady in K-pop will spend the day with you on Christmas morning.

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