12 Moments When Idols Freely Embraced Their Quirks

Almost every K-pop group has a member with a wonderful 4D personality. Their eccentric character is usually witnessed on variety shows, live broadcasts, and even during music award shows where they proudly exhibit their unique persona, much to fans’ delight. To show our appreciation of these idols’ lively auras that never fail to make us smile, here are 12 moments […]

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EXO’s Lay Takes Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

EXO’s Lay has taken legal action against malicious and defamatory comments about himself as well as his family. On May 14, the Beijing Xingquan Law Firm, representing the singer and his personal studio, posted a statement calling for a cease and desist and detailing some of the malicious comments as well as death threats that he and […]

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EXO-CBX Shares A Recent Story About Fellow EXO Member Lay

On April 12, EXO-CBX continued their daily live broadcasts, during which they brought up their fellow EXO member Lay! During the show, they shared stories about their first music show performance of “Blooming Day“on the April 12 broadcast of Mnet’s “M!Countdown” and discussed concerns that fans sent in beforehand. While talking about various topics such as how they spend their time […]

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EXO’s Suho Talks About Fellow Member Lay During Live Broadcast

On March 18, EXO’s Suho held a Naver V Live broadcast before the group’s concert in Thailand. The singer explained that he was keeping his word from last time and that he wanted to interact with the fans again. Suho answered various questions such as what his favorite song is from his recent musical “The Last Kiss” and […]

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QUIZ: Which EXO Member Is Your BFF?

Wouldn’t it be nice if one of the EXO members were your BFF? They’d be the one you could rely on and call upon whenever you like. To daydream and fantasize is such a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Curious to see which of the EXO members you’re most compatible with as a friend? Take this quiz to find […]

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EXO’s Baekhyun Comments On 2018 Comeback, Meetup With Lay, And D.O.’s Films

EXO’s Baekhyun recently surprised fans with an impromptu Naver V Live broadcast on January 30.

During the broadcast, the singer answered fans’ questions about all sorts of topics, ranging from gaming to his dog to his fellow members. He fulfilled their song requests as well, and sang snippets of not only EXO’s own songs, but also other popular tracks like Taemin’s “Move,” Sunmi’s “Gashina,” and Yoon Jong Shin’s “Like It.”

Jumping from topic to topic, Baekhyun revealed that the most recent movie he saw was “The Outlaws,” which was released back in October 2017. The EXO member commented he hasn’t been able to see D.O.’s latest film, “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds.”

“I should have watched our Kyung Soo [D.O.]’s film. I plan to watch it at home. For some reason, I want to watch anything Kyung Soo is in comfortably, like this,” Baekhyun explained. “I heard that ‘Along With the Gods’ is really sad. I really cried a lot while watching that movie, Kyung Soo’s ‘My Annoying Brother.’” While on the topic of D.O., the singer shared the reasoning behind his nickname for D.O., saying, “It’s because Kyung Soo is cute.”

He also brought up when EXO-CBX met up with Lay while they were in China for a diplomatic event, revealing, “You know how we saw Lay in China? He treated us to Peking duck [also known as Beijing duck]. It was really delicious.”

In response to one fan asking him when EXO will be making a comeback, Baekhyun replied, “Should I give a spoiler for our comeback? Really? Are you guys curious?” After teasing a little, he shared, “This year will be very, very amazing. The end! Done! I’m not going to reveal anything.”

Meanwhile, EXO will be dropping their first full-length Japanese album on January 31. They recently completed another leg of their fourth concert tour in Saitama, Japan, and will be continuing with more concerts over the next few months. EXO-CBX will also be returning to Japan in May for their first ever arena tour.

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EXO’s Lay Thoughtfully Treats “Idol Producer” Trainees Behind The Scenes

EXO’s Lay recently finished filming for an episode of the Chinese game show “Happy Game” with some trainees from “Idol Producer.”

In the teaser for “Idol Producer,” a Chinese version of “Produce 101,” Lay shed his “pure as a sheep” image and became a strict, charismatic producer who wasn’t afraid to point out the trainees’ wrongdoings. However, behind the scenes of “Happy Camp,” Lay sweetly brought Changsha’s famous crawfish for the trainees and even gave them warm advice.

The first episode of “Idol Producer” will air on January 19. GOT7’s Jackson, PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung, and Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao will be appearing as mentors as well.

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