Kim Min Suk Shares A Sweet Instagram Post About Missing INFINITE’s Sunggyu

Kim Min Suk posted about his friend and INFINITE member Sunggyu on Instagram. On July 12, the actor posted a screenshot of Sunggyu’s profile from a Korean portal site. He wrote, “Ah. I didn’t know when this person was here, but now that he’s not here, I miss him. He’s probably doing well right..?” and […]

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Stars Stun On The 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Red Carpet

The evening of May 3 is one of the most exciting of the year for those in the television and film industry, as the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards is underway! The 54th Baeksang Arts Awards kicked off at 9:30 p.m. KST, and are being hosted by Shin Dong Yup, Suzy, and Park Bo Gum. The annual ceremony includes an impressive list of […]

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Second Leads We Loved: The Best Supporting Actors Of 2017

It’s hard to overstate the importance of a K-drama’s supporting cast: compelling secondary characters are often what truly enliven a drama, making the difference between a good drama and an extraordinary one. It takes a special acting talent to bring these characters to life, and while 2017 gave us a whole host of memorable supporting roles, we’ve nominated a list of ten exceptional supporting actors for this year’s Soompi Awards. They made us laugh and cry, challenged our thinking, tugged at our heartstrings, and overall enriched the drama world of 2017. We present to you the nominees for Best Supporting Actor — get to know them through their superlatives below!

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers.

Most impressive abs: Jung Hae In

As Han Woo Tak in “While You Were Sleeping

Aired on: SBS
Air date: September 27 to November 16, 2017 (32 episodes, 35 mins each)
Also starring: Lee Jong Suk, Suzy, Lee Sang Yeob

As if his heart-melting smile weren’t enough, Jung Hae In also graced us with one of the most memorable ab-exposing scenes of 2017 in “While You Were Sleeping.” But there’s much more to this up-and-coming actor than just looks, and there’s a reason so many viewers had major Second Lead Syndrome for his character Han Woo Tak. Whether it’s his cheerful demeanor, noble policeman profession, wistful one-sided love, or the way Jung Hae In combines all these traits into one character, “While You Were Sleeping” would not have been the same without him.


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Grimmest backstory: Lee Dong Wook

As Wang Yeo in “Goblin

Aired on: tvN
Air date: December 2, 2016 to January 21, 2017 (16 episodes)
Also starring: Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Yoo In Na, Yook Sungjae

The beloved Grim Reaper from “Goblin” endeared himself to many with his adorable naivety, due to the loss of his memories from his past life. Of course, things become more complicated once Reaper regains his memories of his life as Wang Yeo. Lee Dong Wook delivers a heart-rending performance as he brings to life the multiple emotional facets of this character, from the angry mad king to the sorrowful Grim Reaper that must grapple with the tragic consequences of his previous actions.

Watch the first episode of “Goblin” here:

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Most persistent suitor: Kim Jae Wook

As Park Jung Woo in “Degree of Love

Aired on: SBS
Air date: September 18 to November 21, 2017 (40 episodes, 30 mins each)
Also starring: Seo Hyun Jin, Jo Bo Ah, Yang Se Jong

Second male leads tend to be unlucky in love, and often settle for longingly watching the woman of their dreams get together with the main lead. Not Park Jung Woo in “Degree of Love.” He is so determined to win the heart of screenwriter Lee Hyun Soo that not even the fact that she is in love with — and dating — another man can dissuade him, even when that man turns out to be his friend. The embodiment of the cool, confident businessman, Kim Jae Wook still gives enough warmth to this character to make him likable, and he certainly is a driving force behind the drama in “Degree of Love.”

Catch “Degree of Love” here:

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Nerdiest proposal: Kim Min Suk

As Shim Won Suk in “Because This Is My First Life

Aired on: tvN
Air date: October 9 to November 28, 2017 (16 episodes)
Also starring: Lee Min Ki, Jung So Min

Intelligent as he may be, Kim Min Suk’s character in “Because This Is My First Life” is woefully inept at picking up on girlfriend Yang Ho Rang’s signals, despite their 7-year-long relationship. And when he finally proposes to her, he starts off with a spiel comparing their love to his favorite mathematician. How’s that for romantic? Shim Won Sik may not exactly be the traditional K-drama boyfriend, but Kim Min Suk portrays him with a combination of braininess and naivety that makes the role refreshingly unique.

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Number One fanboy: Choi Tae Joon

As Ji Eun Hyuk in “Suspicious Partner

Aired on: SBS
Air date: May 10 to July 13, 2017 (40 episodes, 30 mins each)
Also starring: Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun, Nara

Everyone makes mistakes, but not generally on such a huge scale as getting romantically involved with their best friend’s girlfriend. Years after Ji Eun Hyuk does just this, he is still trying to regain the favor of his former friend Noh Ji Wook, showering him with puppy love and fanboy-like affection. Choi Tae Joon endows this character with such a bubbly attitude and contagious laugh that it’s easy to root for him as he remains unflaggingly upbeat despite Ji Woo’s constant rejections.



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Biggest appetite: Junho

As Seo Yul in “Chief Kim

Aired on: KBS
Air date: January 25 to March 30, 2017 (20 episodes)
Also starring: Namgoong Min, Nam Sang Mi, Jung Hye Sung

Little quirks can make a character come to life, and in the case of Seo Yul from “Chief Kim,” that little quirk is one big appetite. Played by 2PM’s Junho, this finance director eats so frequently and voraciously that he earns the nickname “gluttonous sociopath.” Haughty and cold, yet charismatic nonetheless, Junho gives a fresh — and often comedic — twist to the classic shady bad boy.

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Biggest flirt: Ji Soo

As In Guk Doo in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Aired on: JTBC
Air date: February 24 to April 16, 2017 (16 episodes)
Also starring: Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik

Ji Soo’s “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” character In Guk Doo is, for the most part, a serious and focused detective — which is why it was especially delightful that the role involved some outrageously flirtatious moments for this model-turned-actor. From drunkenly wooing co-star Park Hyung Sik to cross-dressing in order to catch a criminal, Ji Soo definitely showed us a new side of himself this year!

Watch “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” below:

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Most heartfelt apology: Ahn Jae Hong

As Kim Joo Man in “Fight My Way

Aired on: KBS
Air date: May 22 to July 11, 2017 (16 episodes)
Also starring: Park Seo Joon, Kim Ji Won, Song Ha Yoon

When Kim Joo Man fails to fend off a female coworker’s advances, he causes a rift in his 6-year-long relationship with girlfriend Seol Hee. He immediately realizes what a mess he’s made, and his repentance takes the form of countless dolls and food items left outside Seol Hee’s door for two months straight in an effort to win her back. He may be at fault, but Ahn Jae Hong delivers such sincere remorse and puppy dog eyes that it’s hard not to empathize with him.

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Most serendipitous hugger: Jang Ki Yong

As Jung Nam Gil in “Go Back Couple

Aired on: KBS
Air date: October 13 to November 18, 2017 (12 episodes)
Also starring: Son Ho Jun, Jang Nara, Han Bo Reum

Jung Nam Gil from “Go Back Couple” is always around to save the day for his crush Ma Jin Joo — more than once, by catching her in a dramatically romantic hug. Jang Ki Yong plays this second lead with a killer combination of masculine and emotionally attuned that makes him easy to fall for; it’s too bad for him that the girl he is so enamored of is actually a married woman trapped in the body of her younger self.

Catch Episode 1 of “Go Back Couple”:

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Best poker face: Hong Jong Hyun

As Wang Rin in “The King Loves

Aired on: MBC
Air date: July 17 to September 19, 2017 (40 episodes, 30 mins each)
Also starring: Im Siwan, Yoona

Wang Rin and Crown Prince Won are so close that their friendship, rather than the romance story, is the central relationship of “The King Loves.” So when Rin develops feelings for the woman his prince is in love with, he must contain them behind a masterful poker face. Hong Jong Hyun lends such a stoic intensity to this role that were it not for his long gazes and heart-fluttering subtle smiles, we would be as oblivious to his true feelings as Won is.

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Hey Soompiers, which of these supporting actors was your favorite of 2017? Do you agree with their superlatives? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Check out the nominees for Best Supporting Actor in the 13th Annual Soompi Awards below (presented by Oh My Girl’s YooA and Mimi), and don’t forget to vote!

hgordon stays up way too late on weeknights marathoning K-dramas and trying to keep up with the latest K-pop releases. A frequent sufferer of Second Lead Syndrome, she is thankful to these talented supporting actors for spicing up dramaland in 2017!

Kim Min Suk’s Love For His Grandmother Is Just Plain Adorable

Actor Kim Min Suk shared another adorable picture with his grandmother whom he is known to love greatly.

Kim Min Suk recently posted a picture of him kissing his grandmother’s cheek on his Instagram. One hand around her neck, he is giving his grandmother a cute kiss on the cheek with his eyes closed. “On a date with a cutie,” Kim Min Suk wrote. Another picture showed the two looking into the camera with a slight smile.

Kim Min Suk’s love for his grandmother is already well-known to his fans.

Last April, Kim Min Suk headed down to Busan to visit his grandmother, immediately after his drama “Defendant” aired its final episode. He intended to express his gratitude for his grandmother who had raised him like a son. During his trip, Kim Min Suk posted a video of him preparing sashimi for his grandmother.

Kim Min Suk previously mentioned his grandmother several times on television shows and award shows. He thanked his grandmother during his speech after receiving the New Star Award at the 2016 SAF SBS Drama Awards and explained in the interview that followed why she was so dear to him. Kim Min Suk also shared a story about giving his grandmother a credit card as a gift.

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Top Stars That Started Their Careers As Music Show MCs

There is one experience that top stars such as Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, Jun Ji Hyun, and Song Hye Kyo all have in common. They have all been music show MCs!

Since most music shows are broadcasted live, it is important for the MC to be articulate and ready for improvisation. These traits just might be the reason so many celebrities rise to stardom after being music show MCs.

Here is a list of actors and actresses who have been music program MCs in the past:

Kim Min Suk

Rising star Kim Min Suk gained attention after appearing on “Descendants of the Sun,” and later starred in numerous dramas including “Defendant” and “Because This is My First Life.” Previously, the actor was an MC of SBS’ “Inkigayo” with TWICE’s Jeongyeon  and her sister Gong Seung Yeon.

So Ji Sub

Actor So Ji Sub had been one of the four major MCs of MBC’s “Music Core” back in the day, when the program used to be called “Music Camp.” So Ji Sub’s career took a positive turn after his career as a music show MC, starring in hit productions such as “What Happened in Bali” and “I’m Sorry I Love You.”

Gong Yoo

Goblin‘s” Gong Yoo is another past music show MC. Gong Yoo had been the MC of “Music Camp” from January 10, 2004 to July 3, 2004. After his MC position, Gong Yoo starred in SBS’s “Hello My Teacher” as the lead character for the first time, and became one of Korea’s biggest stars after starring in “Coffee Prince.”

Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki became an MC for “Music Bank” in August 2009. He danced to 4Minute’s “Hot Issue” for his first broadcast and still gets reminded about that dance. Following his MC gig the actor acted in dramas like “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” “The Innocent Man,” and “Descendants of the Sun.”

Park Seo Joon

Another star, Park Seo Joon, had been the MC of “Music Bank” for two years with former SISTAR member Bora. Park Seo Joon later gained popularity through hit productions such as “A Witch’s Romance,” “Kill Me, Heal Me,” “Fight My Way,” and more.

Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum took over the MC spot after Park Seo Joon left “Music Bank.” The actor showed great chemistry with his partner Irene from Red Velvet. He later gained popularity through tvN’s “Reply 1988” and KBS’s “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.”

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk had been the MC of “Inkigayo” along with Goo Hara and Nicole. Goo Hara and Nicole’s spot was later taken by IU, and the two MCs showed great chemistry by dressing up as Leon and Mathilda, and as snowmen.

After stepping down from his MC role, Lee Jong Suk appeared on popular productions including “I Hear Your Voice,” “Pinocchio,” “W,” and “While You Were Sleeping.”

Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun debuted as a cover model of teen magazine Ecole in 1997, and took the MC position on “Inkigayo” before starting her career as an actress.

Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo is another former music show MC. The actress was on “Music Bank” from May to October 2000, and started shooting for KBS 2TV’s “Autumn in My Heart” while being an MC. The drama immediately shot her to stardom.

Other celebrities who have been music show MCs in the past include actors Cha Seung Won, Ji Sung, Namgoong Min, Jang Geun Suk, and more.

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Kim Min Suk’s Agency Responds To Reports Of Him Dating Model Lee Joo Bin

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Kim Min Suk and model Lee Joo Bin have been swept up in dating rumors.

On December 28, various sources from the industry reported that Kim Min Suk and Lee Joo Bin have been dating for five months. According to these sources, the two progressed from colleagues to lovers back in July, and they were recently spotted together in Japan.

Kim Min Suk’s agency responded to these dating reports, saying, “After checking with Kim Min Suk, we have confirmed that he and Lee Joo Bin are close friends but are not dating. They were coincidentally in Japan at the same time, so they just met up and were even joined by other friends.”

Lee Joo Bin’s agency also denied the reports, saying that the model went to Japan for personal reasons but did not go with Kim Min Suk.

Meanwhile, Lee Joo Bin is a former DSP Media trainee who almost became a member of girl group Rainbow. She appeared in Block B’s music video for “Yesterday” and will also appear in the upcoming drama “Mr. Sunshine.”

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Kim Ga Eun Talks About “Because This Is My First Life” Character And Working With Kim Min Suk

Actress Kim Ga Eun recently held an interview after the conclusion of “Because This Is My First Life” and talked about her character Yang Ho Rang and working with co-star Kim Min Suk.

The drama, which recently aired its final episode, featured three very memorable couples. While main couple Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min decided to get married, and Park Byung Eun and Esom ended up dating, it was Kim Min Suk and Kim Ga Eun that portrayed the accurate realities of dating.

The couple in the drama fought over marriage quite a bit in the drama. Kim Ga Eun’s character Yang Ho Rang practically raised Kim Min Suk’s character Shim Won Seok since their first year in university, when they began dating. Kim Ga Eun explained that although she understood that when people date for a long time, they naturally talk about and decide to get married, she couldn’t fully empathize with her character’s do-or-die approach to marriage. She expressed, “I tried to portray her as someone who worked hard to make Won Seok into the perfect boyfriend and had the dream of marrying him. I think that’s why a lot of long-term couples could relate to us. The character may have come off as annoying, but I wanted to show her lovable side.”

On her co-star Kim Min Suk and their adorable chemistry, Kim Ga Eun commented, “Since they’re a couple that lives together, we thought we would be awkward, so we met together [beforehand] and worked on the scenes together. He has a great personality, so we got quite close. We’re also the same age, so we were able to shoot without pressure. We also talked a lot and worked naturally together. It really feels like we’ve been dating for the last seven years.”

She also mentioned, “In the drama, Won Seok asks if they can hold off on the marriage for five years. I thought it was a bit regretful. Even Kim Min Suk thought it was too much, which really just proved how much Won Seok and Ho Rang lacked communication despite the fact that they’d been dating for so long. In the ending scene, Won Seok is holding their child and has married Ho Rang. Even if their marriage were a lovey-dovey one, I wonder if they wouldn’t have also found it frustrating.”

The actress was also asked if she wanted a second season for the drama. She answered, “I’ve been acting for eight years, and for this drama, I took on the character without being greedy about acting. I’m thankful that many people liked it. I’ve always played characters younger than me but this time I played one that was my age, which allowed me to empathize more as she had a similar personality to mine as well. I feel as though I’ve met a character that will always stay with me. I’ve gone through my 20s working hard, and although I hit slumps as an actress, I feel as though I’ve wrapped up my 20s well with this drama. I’ll remember it always, and it’s all thanks to the viewers. I hope that the viewers want a second season so that I’ll be able to do it.”

If you haven’t already, watch the first episode below!

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