11 Ways Super Junior Proved Their Ultimate Veteran Status

Having debuted in 2005, Super Junior is a veteran group who basically presided the second generation of K-pop. 12 years and counting, the timeless group is still as renowned as ever, with their impact on the K-pop scene remaining intact even in the midst of its respective members serving in the military. Throughout the years, the […]

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AOA’s Jimin Talks About Best Friends Kim Heechul, Seolhyun, And Kim Shin Young

AOA’s Jimin spoke about her close friendship with fellow member Seolhyun, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, and Kim Shin Young on MBC FM4U’s “2 O’Clock Date With Ji Suk Jin.” On the June 21 broadcast, AOA members Seolhyun, Jimin, and Hyejeong appeared as guests. Singer Kim Hyun Chul and comedienne Kim Shin Young filled in for Ji […]

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12 Moments When Idols Freely Embraced Their Quirks

Almost every K-pop group has a member with a wonderful 4D personality. Their eccentric character is usually witnessed on variety shows, live broadcasts, and even during music award shows where they proudly exhibit their unique persona, much to fans’ delight. To show our appreciation of these idols’ lively auras that never fail to make us smile, here are 12 moments […]

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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Talks About His Decision To Sit Out Promotions And Shares His Attitude Towards Haters

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul shared what he thought about while making the decision not to perform on music shows for the group’s latest comeback. On April 13, Kim Heechul appeared as a guest on SBS’s radio show “Kim Young Chul‘s Power FM.” Kim Heechul talked about his leg injury from a car accident from ten years ago. […]

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Kim Heechul Snaps Photos With Ahn So Hee And Sweetly Reminisces About The Past

Kim Heechul is bringing back the “SoHeeChul” feels! On March 3, the Super Junior member shared photos that he took with Ahn So Hee while filming “Ask Us Anything.” Kim Heechul fondly wrote as the caption, “King wang zzang [the best] mandu [dumplings] Ahn So Hee.” “Mandu So Hee” is a nickname that fans called Ahn So Hee back in her Wonder Girls […]

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13 Devoted Celebrities Who Have Fascinating Collections

Some idols tend to have interesting hobbies, and owning collectibles is definitely one of them!

From purchasing all the releases of a specific merchandise, to being content with figurines and plushies from famous brands, to completely going the extra mile and investing in luxurious items; one thing is sure about these collections: they’re all unique.

Here are some fascinating collections led by 13 devoted celebrities.


BTS’s Jin surely expresses his dedication for the Mario universe by acquiring tons of related figurines and plushies that ornate his room. He also receives Mario-themed gifts from his fans during fansigns.

Furthermore, he is very protective of his collection and often threatens his members should they dare to touch it in his absence.

When it comes to EXO’s Chanyeol, his love for Rilakkuma has been perceived on more than one occasion. In fact, he publicly shows his love for the Japanese character by proudly displaying his collection in his bedroom.

He also packs his dolls wherever he goes, just like he did prior to his appearance on “The Roommate.”

As for Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, the disney movie “Frozen” seems to have bewitched him. The humorous idol not only collects everything Frozen-themed, but he also enthusiastically cosplayed as both Anna and Elsa on different occasions.

A mutual appreciation for “The Simpsons” seems to unite CNBLUE’s Jong Yong Hwa and HyunA! Both idols have quite the collection to brag about, with HyunA’s Instagram feed basically breathing the famous animated show.

Another fervent collector of fictional characters is actor Shim Hyung Tak, who has opened up about his obsession with Doraemon during his featuring on “Real Men.”

A couple of years back, he also spoke on “Infinite Challenge” about the comfort that the Japanese animation brought him during his school days when he was shunned by his classmates.

Stuffed animals

Uhm Hyun Kyung seems to have a specific preference when it comes to stuffed animals, and that is none other than stuffed giraffe dolls.

During her appearance on “I Live Alone,” Uhm Hyun Kyung displayed her giraffe mania as seen down below.


[email protected] and KAWS are two of the most popular figurines that receive a lot of idols’ attention, and 2PM’s Junho is definitely a collector.

He introduced viewers to his house via his group’s reality show “Real 2PM,” humbly revealing his exhibition corner where an aesthetic ensemble is displayed. (Start watching at 2:20)


Art and BIGBANG’s T.O.P are a match made in heaven. He has turned his Instagram feed into a virtual museum, thanks to his numerous posts of paintings and mostly chairs that he has ambitiously acquired throughout the years.

As of 2016, the rapper-turned-actor became a curator for Sotheby’s, pushing his passion for fine art even further.


Apparently, Park Hae Jin and Highlight’s Lee Gikwang share the same passion: collecting sneakers.

Park Hae Jin is one of the biggest collectors of Nike shoes, based on the storage he keeps in his house.

On the other hand, Gikwang is more of an avid collector of a wide variety of sneakers, as seen during his appearance on “I Live Alone.”


Both JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Dok2 have dedicated their time and money to collect expensive cars, which basically counts as a lifetime investment.

Check out Junsu’s proud collection on his Instagram account:

Dok2 also shared a snap of his white cars, aligned in his garage:

Which collection is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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12 Idol Variety Masters Who Never Fail To Make Us Laugh

If you watch variety shows, then you know just how important it is to be funny in the entertainment world. Wit and humor are the best weapons in the world of variety television, and it’s tough to survive there. Though idols do shine onstage, some of our favorites have the talent to flourish offstage as well. But which idols should be named the true masters of variety? Read on to find out!

1. Super Junior’s Heechul

When most people think of funny idols, Heechul is one of the first people to come to mind. He has managed to become successful in the comedy world in addition to being an idol, which is quite the accomplishment. His humor is clever above all else, and he’s never afraid to insult a few people along the way.

2. TWICE’s Dahyun

With her cute and beagle-esque attitude, Dahyun can make anyone smile. Her brand of comedy involves one thing: being her usual, dorky self. Even if you aren’t a fan, I can guarantee watching videos of Dahyun will make you giggle at the very least.

3. GOT7’s Jackson

Jackson is easily one of this generation’s funniest idols, hands down. He has the ability to make quick yet clever comebacks, and he manages to be funny in several languages. Overall, Jackson’s potential in variety is incredible, making him one to watch for the future.

4. SHINee’s Key

If I had to describe Key in one word, it would be honest. He is someone who never holds back with his words, which produces some hilarious results. Combining his blunt attitude with his overall extra-ness, Key makes for a strong contender in the competition for funniest idol.

5. EXID’s Hani

No matter where she goes and what she does, Hani is a bubbly ball of energy. Her goofiness is infectious, but don’t be fooled! She’s an incredibly smart person who excels in the games that are often played on variety shows.

6. Wanna One’s Ong Sung Woo

Though he only debuted recently, Ong Sung Woo has become a prominent variety-dol in such a short amount of time. This boy takes the word extra to a whole new level, and he won’t hesitate to do something ridiculous for laughs.

7. INFINITE’s Sunggyu

To put it simply, Sunggyu’s variety appeal is most definitely unique. His aloof and happy-go-lucky attitude allows for others to make fun of him easily, leading to various antics. Whether the target of ridicule is his age, his dancing, or something else, Sunggyu always takes it in stride.

8. Apink’s Bomi

When I see Bomi, I just can’t help thinking about how relatable she is. Bomi reminds me of that one friend who is always doing crazy things, the one who you sit back and watch just to see what they’ll do. She often contradicts Apink’s cute and feminine image, which makes her even funnier.

9. SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

With his animated facial expressions and dramatic tendencies, Seungkwan is absolutely hilarious to watch. His ability to speak quickly and think on his feet definitely contributes to his overall skills, and his personality allows him to easily lighten up the mood.

10. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Though she appears cool and chic during performances, Jisoo is actually one big ball of craziness. She has been dubbed the 4D member of BLACKPINK because of her unpredictable and silly personality, and that title is well-deserved. Jisoo’s energy is absolutely infectious.

11. All of BTOB

How can it be that all of a group’s members are so goofy? Seriously, BTOB often straddles the line between idol group and comedy ensemble. In the clip below, about half the time is spent dancing, while the other half is just the members hitting one another.

12. All of MAMAMOO

No matter how I see it, MAMAMOO as a group is just naturally funny. These four girls don’t care about acting like proper ladies, and instead run wild without a care in the world. Despite the pressure of their beagle image, MAMAMOO always delivers.

Who do you think deserves the title of variety master? Let us know down in the comments!

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