Jung Hye Sung, WJSN’s Luda, And Hansel Get Together Outside Of “Dunia”

The female cast of “Dunia” showed that their friendship is intact in reality as well as the virtual reality. On June 11, actress Jung Hye Sung posted selfies with Hansel and WJSN’s Luda on Instagram. In the picture, the girls are having a meal at a restaurant together. She also wrote, “6:45! Watch MBC’s ‘Dunia’.” MBC’s […]

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Watch: Members Of iKON, Wanna One, Stray Kids, And More Continue With 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge

Many more celebrities have participated in the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge! Following the previous compilation, several more artists and actors have joined in on the campaign over the past couple of days to support the construction of Korea’s first hospital for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) patients. Actor Kim Min Jae shared a video of himself […]

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Classic Meets Contemporary: Trends Korean Stars Wore During HERA Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2018

South Korea may be bidding farewell to Winter and welcoming Spring, but the 2018 Hera Seoul Fashion Week delivered its highly anticipated Fall/Winter collections ahead of its time. It’s a fashion-forward nation, after all, and along with its trend-embracing masses is a slew of equally stylish stars who graced the red carpet. Soon, we’ll be seeing […]

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Jung Hye Sung Talks About Why She Likes FNC Entertainment

Jung Hye Sung appears to be quite fond of her agency, FNC Entertainment.

The actress, who is now six years into her career, has been quite the busy bee. In the span of six years, she has made appearances in 12 dramas, even filming three in a row last year. First, KBS’s “Chief Kim” drew high viewership ratings, then in “Manhole,” she worked with great colleagues and friends. The actress then took on her first lead role with SBS’s “Oh, the Mysterious.”

Her agency, FNC Entertainment, originally got its start as an agency for singers, but has slowly expanded their management activities. It is now one of the largest entertainment agencies and has even gone public. The company was able to see growth due to their attention towards their singers and actors. Although it hasn’t been long since Jung Hye Sung joined the agency, she expressed her affection for FNC Entertainment.

She shared that one aspect she likes is that the company pays well and on time. “Apparently because it’s a public company, the moment they violate any documents, it’s a problem. So when you sign a contract with them, the legal team comes and explains everything. They explain certain things, like how payments will be made and such. They don’t need really need to, but they do it well. They said it’s their responsibility, and that if they don’t it could be an infringement against the law.”

The actress also talked about how when she signed her contract, the legal team was very thorough, and made sure that she signed the contract in person. She continued, “To be honest, when you’re in the middle of filming a drama and such, it’s a bit difficult to do it in person. But you have to go and listen to everything they say and sign in person. There were so many pages, but I listened to everything and signed. They pay well and fast!”

Jung Hye Sung also talked about CEO Han Sung Ho and how comfortable it was that he listens to even the small things she wants to talk about. She explained, “Even the other day, at the company cafe, I heard there had been a drink called the ‘Jung Hye Sung latte,’ but that it had been dropped from the menu. I was curious so I called him and asked, to which he explained very easily why it had been dropped. He then told me that he would put it back up while I’m doing interviews, so I was able to try it. He listens to trifling things like this, so I really like it.”

If you haven’t already, check her out in the latest episode of “Oh, the Mysterious” below!

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Jung Hye Sung Explains Why She Watches Timeslot Competitors Hyeri’s And Baek Jin Hee’s Dramas

Jung Hye Sung was featured in the January issue of High Cut magazine!

The concept of the pictorial was to recommend four different scents to its readers for the new year. Jung Hye Sung’s beauty and facial expressions were highlighted in the pictorial, while her passion for acting was emphasized in the interview.

In the interview which took place after the photo shoot, Jung Hye Sung announced, “I want to act forever. I want to act until I become a grandmother and until right before I die. Like how I can’t play the role of a mother right now, there is a role that is fitting for every age. I want to go through that one by one and age naturally.”

Jung Hye Sung currently stars in the SBS drama “Oh, the Mysterious,” where she plays detective Jin Jin Young. The actress revealed that she monitors the other dramas that compete with her’s and explained, “I watch Baek Jin Hee‘s drama (“Jugglers“) and Hyeri‘s drama (“Two Cops“) that air during the same timeslot as ‘Oh, the Mysterious.’ I watch and research a lot about their strengths and what I am lacking. Viewership ratings aren’t something I can do anything about, but I think I should know my weaknesses, learn others’ strengths, and slowly improve.”

She also shared the nickname she earned while filming on the set of “Oh, the Mysterious.” Jung Hye Sung elaborated, “Senior actors such as Kim Hee Won, Do Ki Suk, and Kang Shin Hyo who are in my on-screen regional investigational unit call me Ggan Soon-ee because I act silly.” (The word for “silly” in Korean is 까불까불 “gga bool gga bool”.) She added, “If the seniors praise me saying, ‘Jin Young is doing well’ then I get happy, dance, and shake my hips.”

Catch up with the latest episode of “Oh, the Mysterious” now!

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Mysterious Il-seung: Episodes 19-20

Mysterious Il-seung: Episodes 19-20

Jong-sam and Jin-young have some new leads in the 10-year-old case of Jin-young’s father’s murder. But the league of corruption won’t take things lying down, and they’ve still got some cards to play to disrupt the investigation, mostly because they own someone in every department. Even without their meddling, both Jin-young and Jong-sam struggle to remain unbiased as they investigate a case they are both thoroughly personally involved.


As Detective Park’s wife Cha-kyung loads her son into the car, his backpack spills open and Jin-young stoops to help. But amidst the items is a keychain identical to the one Jong-sam found in the stairwell the night of Jin-young’s father’s murder.

Cha-kyung’s son Kang claims the keychain is his father’s, and Cha-kyung confirms that one is hers and the other Jin-young holds up in an evidence bag is Detective Kang’s. Jin-young darts inside the station to share her new information with Jong-sam.

While she heads inside, Detective Park meets up with his wife to head home together. Kang tells the detective about the keychain discovery, and Detective Park scurries to get in the car to avoid his wife’s explanation.

Back in the station, Jong-sam doesn’t think that Detective Kang was the man he saw in the stairwell, since he would have recognized him then. Jin-young is fixated on her new target though, and points out that he conveniently disappeared the very same day as her father’s death. Jong-sam recalls Agent Kwak’s tale of sending Detective Kang off on a ship as punishment, so he defends his former mentor again.

Jin-young takes note of his insistences, and asks what relationship he has with Detective Kang. Jong-sam’s answer is a familiar one; he says he knows him because of Jin-young. Jin-young asks where Detective Kang is, and in the next scene we see that the missing detective is aimlessly wandering the streets alone.

The next morning, Jong-sam is surprised to see Jin-young’s car outside his apartment again. She offers to carpool with him, if he pays her monthly, but Jong-sam is worried others will assume they’re living together. Jin-young whispers in response that technically they are living together…

And to clear things up, Jin-young’s mother leans over the balcony of Jong-sam’s apartment building just then. It seems that Jin-young and her mom have moved in for the cheap rent, into the apartment right under Jong-sam’s rooftop apartment.

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Give me money. Don’t like her.

Mom comes down to ask for money and to warn Jong-sam against any interest in her daughter. Jong-sam is more than happy to oblige, and Mom seems satisfied when they finally leave for the station.

Detective Park immediately pulls the two aside when they arrive to discuss the new evidence in Jin-young’s father’s case. After hearing both their sides regarding Detective Kang, he decides to put Kang on a wanted list. Even if he isn’t the killer, he’s a suspect who needs to be investigated.

The team settles in for a meeting with their forensics guy, who brings news that Baek Kyung is dead by apparent suicide. Dae-woong is the first to suggest that the guy’s employers killed him and staged it as a suicide, but they wonder why they would be worried about it, especially when Baek Kyung never broke during interrogation. Jin-young suggests that he killed himself to avoid being sent back to prison, and that receives some nods, though Jong-sam’s expression suggests that he thinks otherwise.

There’s more new info—Baek Kyung was a North Korean defector. This surprises everyone, Jong-sam included. The question is how he ended up working as a hired killer in South Korea.

And for that answer, we go to Chairwoman Gook’s office. Lawyer Ahn is with her, and he asks if she’s upset to hear of his death, since Baek Kyung has been with her for a long time. The chairwoman plays cool, but does say that she’ll continue sending money to his mother in China.

Lawyer Ahn lets her know that Chairman Lee wants to see everyone after his meeting with their political party leader, a hint that they might be discussing future elections. And finally, Ahn has an answer to the chairwoman’s worries over the missing Detective Kang. Lawyer Ahn has heard about Jin-young’s father’s case being reopened, and they’re confident that the police will find their own way to him. Uh oh, does that mean he was involved in the murder?

As Lawyer Ahn leaves, Chairwoman Gook makes a call, and the scene transitions to Chief Jang ending a call of his own as Detective Park joins him in his office. Detective Park delivers the report of Baek Kyung’s death and anticipates some backlash, but it never comes, and instead the chief launches into Jin-young’s father’s reopened case.

Detective Park again expects his boss to give him grief, but Chief Jang is full steam ahead about the Jin-sung Group case. Detective Park can’t believe his ears, especially since this would look bad on the officers who handled it 10 years ago if they’re able to prove it was murder. The chief is still cool with it, though he does remind Detective Park that Jin-young can’t participate in the investigation of her own family. Detective Park doesn’t give the chief the time to take it back and charges out the door.

Detective Park is back in time to witness Jong-sam’s epic failure of a case briefing to his fellow officers. Jong-sam stammers, sputter inaccuracies, and generally does a poor job. Jin-young finally steps in and finishes the report, even though she knows very well she’s not supposed to be on this case.

Detective Park tells Jin-young to take a vacation for the time being to keep her off the case. He sends Min-pyo and Dae-woong after the testifiers, and Jong-sam will interview Mr. Choi again for an official statement for the case.

Jin-young can’t give up her dad’s case, and as everyone departs, she catches Jong-sam to accompany him on the interview. Jong-sam tries to send her away, but she reminds him that he’s not equipped to do this right on his own. Jong-sam points out to her how indifferently she speaks about her dad’s case, as if it’s just another case, and Jin-young readily agrees that she’s an officer and doesn’t get emotional over any case.

Jin-young’s ready to go, but Jong-sam reports that Mr. Choi is meeting with his lawyer right now and they’ll get a call once he’s free. In the meantime, Jong-sam has an errand to run.

Jong-sam’s errand is a visit to Prosecutor Kim’s office. Jong-sam has info about Baek Kyung to hand over and gives the prosecutor a list of every time he can recall that Baek Kyung was placed in solitary in prison. Jong-sam suggests that these dates will line up with strange deaths. The prosecutor scoffs at the idea of a way out of prison, but Jong-sam says, “How do you think I’m here?”

Prosecutor Kim asks why Jong-sam brought this to him, and Jong-sam makes the Chairman Lee connection. Now Prosecutor Kim is eager to get to work.

And speaking of Chairman Lee, it’s time for his big league of corruption meeting, and the chairman’s son Young-min is even invited to take a seat, while Chairwoman Gook catches his eye conspiratorially.

They are indeed there to discuss the next election and the candidate they will back. Chief Jang is surprised they’re starting so early when there are still two years left, but that will give them time to do what needs to be done to ensure they succeed.

The chairman asks Chairwoman Gook if she really doesn’t want to run, and she demures, even after receiving encouragement from Lawyer Ahn. Instead, she’s pulling for the chairman’s son Young-min. She thinks they can reinvigorate their party with a fresh, young face, but this is the opposite of what the chairman thinks will succeed, and everyone else backs him up.

Since Chairwoman Gook and Young-min are out, that leaves Lawyer Ahn and Chief Jang to duke it out. They both bow and thank the chairman in unison. That settled, the chairman returns to admonish Chairwoman Gook for bothering to promote Young-min. She starts to defend him, but Young-min interrupts her by standing to leave.

This action further upsets the chairman, who says he would have respected Young-min more if he stayed and took his criticism. Young-min says nothing and just turns to leave.

The men in black are relaxing in Chairwoman Gook’s office, and Agent Ki is feeling low following Baek Kyung’s death. It seems that even these guys aren’t sure whether his death was a suicide or not (but if these guys didn’t do the killing, who did?). Agent Kwak assures his partner that Baek Kyung was loyal, since he was brought into the evil league when he was 15 years old by the chairwoman.

Agent Kwak suggests that the chairwoman is probably sad about Baek Kyung’s death too, though you wouldn’t know it by the steely expression she wears as she charges into the office. The agents stumble over each other as they stand in attention for her, and she gives the order to gather info to take down both Lawyer Ahn and Chief Jang.

She asks that they start with Chief Jang, and Agent Kwak points out that will be easy enough, since they have Detective Kang. Wha?

The missing-in-action Detective Kang heads to the playground where Jong-sam has left him a new note. This one warns of the warrant out for Detective Kang and asks the detective to turn himself in.

Jin-young still hasn’t left the station yet, and she gives the excuse that her official vacation doesn’t start until tomorrow. Detective Park tries to send her home, but they’re all interrupted by the arrival of the other officers, escorting Cha-kyung with, of course, pizza. They all enjoy their pizza together (seriously, it’s like a half-minute long ad for Papa John’s where they just laugh with each other and exclaim how good it is).

Min-pyo and Dae-woong have come back with no leads, and Dae-woong says that Detective Kang is their only hope. Min-pyo drags the rookie away as they all shoot worried glances at Cha-kyung. Detective Park eventually lures his wife out the office door to let her know she doesn’t have anything to make up to him about, and he tries to explain why they’re still talking about Detective Kang, when, what do you know, Detective Kang himself arrives to turn himself in.

Detective Park interviews his old partner, and Detective Kang cuts to the chase—yes, he was on the roof the night Jin-young’s father died, where he witnessed the man’s death. But according to him, he wasn’t there as a Chairman Lee lackey, but because Jin-young’s father had asked to meet with him, possibly in relation to political funds. He was one moment too late to stop Chairman Jin from falling, and he ran to help, not to flee the scene.

Jin-young asks Jong-sam if he believes the story, and he does. Jin-young reacts by accusing him of being the one who can’t stay impartial in this case. Jong-sam is relieved of the need to answer by a call, letting him know that Mr. Choi is ready for the interview.

Jin-young and Jong-sam both go to interview him, and he doesn’t seem to know anything about Detective Kang. Mr. Choi shares that he didn’t drive Chairman Jin that day, but that the police did take the black box from the car. This is news to Jong-sam and Jin-young. Mr. Choi clarifies that the first cop that arrived didn’t take it, but the second one did. Supposedly, the lead detectives were switched, but this doesn’t sound right to our investigators.


Jong-sam and Jin-young verify that the black box Mr. Choi mentioned was not listed in evidence. Jong-sam plans to meet with the detective in charge of the case back then, but Jin-young doesn’t think he’ll cooperate when it means admitting a mistake, or worse.

They meet with the detective anyway, who is indeed abrasive about the reopened case, and he recognizes Jin-young as the young girl who insisted her father’s death wasn’t a suicide. Jong-sam brings up the black box, and we discover two things: first, no other detective was assigned to the case, so we have no record of the mystery first officer on scene, and second, the black box was recovered, and then turned over to Jin-young’s mom.

Cut to Jin-young’s apartment, bras flying over Jong-sam’s head as Jin-young searches through her mother’s belongings for the black box footage. Finally, Jin-young spots an SD card in a compact and takes it to the computer. Mom tries to stop her as she admits, “Your father had an affair.”

Jong-sam tries to discourage Jin-young from watching the incriminating footage of her father, but Jin-young sticks to her “just a case” attitude. In the footage, Chairman Jin stopped at Odong Blowfish House, where he was escorted out the back entrance by the owner, Ms. Hong, the woman whose murder Jong-sam was framed for later that night.

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An old link in the case

Meanwhile, Detective Park and Detective Kang sit together to unofficially discuss Detective Kang’s story. Detective Park knows he’s not getting the whole story from Detective Kang, but Kang stops short of explaning to his partner how he’s involved with Chairman Lee.

Detective Park tries another angle and asks how he knows Il-seung, and Detective Kang admits a few small truths without giving the whole picture. He instead asks Detective Park why Cha-kyung’s son Kang doesn’t refer to him yet as Dad. Detective Park answers that he and Cha-kyung discussed it and want to give the boy time to adjust at his own pace.

Neither comfortable with the topic, Detective Park moves on to ask how Baek Kyung figured out they were tracking him. Detective Kang says that he received notification of the tracker, so someone on the team must have given up the info. As Detective Kang rises to leave, Detective Park warns him not to go too far, since he’s not cleared of suspicion just yet.

In the prosecutor’s office, Prosecutor Kim aligns all of Baek Kyung’s nights in solitary with suicides of high ranking officials and CEOs. He’s convinced that he’s got something and heads directly to Chairwoman Gook’s office.

He lays out his evidence for her piece by piece and brings up Chairman Lee as the logical piece linking them all, but she holds strong against his accusations, even as he details the Baek Kyung evidence he’s compiled. He promises to get at least one of her people with this evidence, and urges her to betray Chairman Lee instead.

Agent Kwak listens in at the door, and seems concerned that they might be the ones punished as the prosecutor forges ahead with his investigation.

We check back in with Jong-sam and Jin-young, who head back to the station. Jin-young still seems unphased by the new evidence againsted her dad, and Jong-sam tries to assure her that there is likely a better explanation than an affair for his meeting with Ms. Hong. They agree to keep this new information to themselves until they’ve had a chance to investigate further. Even though Jin-young is supposed to be off work, she heads in anyway.

At the briefing, Jong-sam says they should find the mystery detective who was on the case, and then Jin-young interjects with the specifics of their new finding. Their primary suspect is Detective Kang. Before they can continue though, Chief Jang pops in to get an update on the case. This shuts everyone up immediately and Detective Park calls an end to the briefing. Good, they don’t trust this guy any more than they need to.

After the chief leaves, Detective Park suggests they show Mr. Choi photos of potential suspects, leading with Detective Kang’s photo. As he closes the meeting, Detective Park throws out an opportunity to whoever leaked the Baek Kyung operation to speak with him in private.

Min-pyo realizes immediately that it had to be him and follows after his boss. He admits that he spoke with Chief Jang about the operation while he was in the station dropping off Kang. New information in hand, Detective Park goes to make eyes at his wife in the cafe before he heads out.

Back in Prosecutor Kim’s office, Agent Kwak has stopped in to make a deal. Agent Kwak’s information is this: Chairman Lee was the last person to see Chairman Jin, and the driver, Mr. Choi, is the link they can expose. In return for the intel, Agent Kwak asks for the safety of himself and his partner Agent Ki.

The aforementioned Mr. Choi is currently in his interview with Jong-sam and Jin-young, and he doesn’t recognize Agent Kang when they show his photo. Mr. Choi tries to recall when he met the detective, and he recalls it’s when he called Chairman Jin’s office (so he was the one on the phone when Jin-young picked up). Looking at the record, this doesn’t make any sense—this would have been only two minutes after the death was reported. How was the detective on the scene so soon?

Jong-sam leaves the interview to take a call, and that call leads him outside to Detective Kang. Kang gives him the watch he had intended as a present for Jong-sam’s police academy graduation. Jong-sam puts the watch on alone in the team office and stares at the name tag bearing his real name inside the box as well. He sets both aside in his desk drawer before returning to the interview.

Now it’s Jin-young’s turn to be interrupted by a phone call. Hers is from Prosecutor Kim, who directs her to release Mr. Choi. According to Agent Kwak, Mr. Choi will lead them to a money trail linking Chairman Lee to the case. So Jin-young lies and tells Mr. Choi his attorney has gotten him released. She asks that he review the rest of the photos before he leaves, and he agrees, but first asks for his phone to call his family, and some privacy, which includes turning off the cameras.

Mr. Choi gets his requests, but his phone isn’t charged. He looks through the remaining photos, and one catches his eye in recognition. He calls out, and a figure enters the room and sits across from him. Mr. Choi’s eyes grow wide to see whoever has come for him.

Jong-sam chases Jin-young down the hall to report that Mr. Choi has disappeared. Mr. Choi wanders down the street outside the station, but he’s immediately swarmed by an angry crowd of his pyramid scheme participants. In the uproar, someone stabs him in the gut. While Jin-young cries for help, Jong-sam spots the disguised assailant (who I suspect is Agent Ki) in the crowd and gives chase.

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The assailant stops to fight off Jong-sam, and Jin-young shows up to add her superior combat skills to the fight. But as they grapple, the man gets a swipe in to Jin-young as well and she collapses.

Prosecutor Kim gets word of the results of his plan and slams his phone down in anger. Meanwhile, Chairwoman Gook gloats in her office with her still-faithful Agent Kwak at her side. She thanks someone on the phone for getting her info to use against Prosecutor Kim, and tells Agent Kwak they’ll have to lay off Chief Jang for a while in their campaign to bring the future political candidates down. It seems this has all been part of her plan.

In the station, Chief Jang is revealed to be the person on the other end of the line. He is also revealed to have been not only the officer that entered Mr. Choi’s interview room, but also the mystery detective he recognized in the photos. It seems Chief Jang has been involved with Chairman Lee for a while.

And on the street, Jong-sam runs for help with the injured Jin-young on his back.


Things are starting to catch up to Jin-young, and I have a feeling this injury will be the final moment before she finally cracks. And for good reason. She’s been terrifying stoic about the whole thing, when this is the case for her. Some bed rest in the hospital with Jong-sam at her side sounds like an excellent time to let her unleash her emotions and get some support.

The truth is that neither Jin-young nor Jong-sam are unbiased in this case. They’re way too wrapped around this ever-connected web, and I like the idea that they might butt heads a lot before they get to the end of this. Sure, cooperation will get the best results, but haven’t we waited long enough to get a second dose of the fire between these two people? Jin-young is still in this space where everything is either right or wrong, guilty or innocent, while if Jong-sam has learned nothing from the last 20 episodes, it’s that there’s a lot of gray, and sometimes you have to trust those who have betrayed you in the past.

The show has been really great at keeping me guessing about our grayest character, Detective Kang. The guy has been back and forth from the sides of good and evil so many times that I had no clue just how involved in Jin-young’s father’s death he would actually be. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t be the killer, but the extent to which he allowed or assisted in it, I really couldn’t guess, especially given Chairwoman Gook and Lawyer Ahn’s reactions.

Prosecutor Kim seems to really love his big reveals, but it also seems to be his biggest weakness. He’s a guy that loves to pull everything together on paper, but he misses things as he relishes the reveal to his opponent. He needs to get better at closing all the holes before he lets the bad guys know what’s up. I wouldn’t mind it if he were the one to get to smile smugly while laying down lots of paper at Chairman Lee’s feet right before he’s escorted to jail. He just needs to be more patient and less smug.

And okay, what is this whole thing with Young-min and the election? We already have the chief of police and his lawyer fighting to give us some drama, why do we need this character that has been hiding in the shadows of Chairman Lee’s house for the last couple weeks? They really can’t expect me to care about this at all. This whole thing just seems like we’re giving the evil league something to occupy themselves until Jong-sam can catch up.

Which is why the scam Chairwoman Gook and Agent Kwak pulled on the police to get Mr. Choi out was so great in comparison to all the elections prep. This was something relevant to Jin-young’s father’s case, it directly impacted Jong-sam and Jin-young, and it frustrated their progress in a really satisfactory way. This is the kind of antagonism that they need. More this, less following the political funding scandals, please.


Mysterious Il-seung: Episodes 17-18

Mysterious Il-seung: Episodes 17-18

We spend a lot of time with Jong-sam’s allies this hour as we start to uncover some secrets surrounding the night Jin-young’s father died. There’s certainly more than meets the eye and everyone seems to hold a different piece to the puzzle. Searching for the truth will require a dive down the rabbit hole, and we’ve barely scratched the surface.


Jong-sam jots down a note inside Il-seung’s apartment and slips it into his pocket. He then takes out one his personal effects bags Ddakji had collected from the prison.

Outside, Jong-sam notices a car parked on the curb. He peeks inside and finds it empty but is startled when Jin-young appears beside him. He guesses she’s come to question him some more about the night her father died. Jin-young denies this but avoids Jong-sam’s eyes. He ignores her odd behavior and holds out a small pouch with the initials “C.K” stitched across it.

He tells Jin-young he’d picked it up at Jinsung Group that night and a flashback reveals that while he’d opened the door to her father’s office, a noise caused him to turn around without going in. Following the source into the stairwell, he’d just managed to catch sight of a man’s back scurrying away. Turning to go, he’d spotted the pouch on the steps.

Watch here

A clue about the day her father died…

In the present, Jong-sam says he doesn’t think her father committed suicide. Jin-young reasons that since those stairs led to the rooftop, it was likely the man Jong-sam had seen was the killer. Jong-sam admits he wasn’t able to see the man’s face but Jin-young thanks him anyway. She says she’ll have forensics analyze the pouch but Jong-sam worries that it’s already been compromised by countless people touching it after he was arrested.

Jin-young brightly points out that it’s still something. She motions for him to get into the car so they can head to work but Jong-sa says he has something to do. He tells her to go ahead and rushes off to the park where he usually meets Detective Kang. He takes out the note which tells the detective to contact him at the police station, and tucks it into the slide.

Jin-young orders a coffee at the small café kiosk in the station, however Cha-kyung refuses to let her pay. She chides Jin-young that it’s her bribe to the team to keep husband, Detective Park, safe.

“Il-seung” is in the headlines thanks to the press conference and Chief Jang storms into the basement office, looking for Jong-sam. His fury is only exacerbated when he discovers Jong-sam has yet to arrive and launches into a tirade about how he’d created this unit to calm the public, but it only caused more problems. Jong-sam arrives in the middle and when Chief Jang turns around, the two men lock eyes.

Jong-sam immediately recognizes his arresting officer and Chief Jang leans in, curiously noting that Jong-sam looks very familiar. Jong-sam denies it and while Chief Jang hardly looks convinced, he simply warns the younger man to avoid further trouble. Before leaving, he adds the Prosecutor Kim is also in hot water.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Ahn is in Prosecutor Kim’s office with a document that claims the money he’d found was legally granted to Director Lee’s institute for research. Prosecutor Kim attempts to call his bluff by demanding the research results but Lawyer Ahn coolly replies that it’s a work in progress. However, he promises to bring them by when the research is completed.

Pointing out that Prosecutor Kim has made many mistakes as of late, Lawyer Ahn warns him to stop dogging Director Lee. He tells him to do the investigation properly, pointedly suggesting he enlist Il-seung’s help. After he’s gone, Prosecutor Kim’s assistant arrives to report that this is already all over the news. Elsewhere, the arrest date on Jong-sam’s criminal record finally jogs Chief Jang’s memory, but his expression is unreadable.

Chairwoman Gook reports to Director Lee and proudly announces that the media has turned on Prosecutor Kim. Preoccupied, Director Lee wonders how they’ll fund his election campaign now that the money he’d been expecting from Japan has been cut off. Although his accusations have been cleared, suspicion remains. Director Lee asks if Detective Kang handed over the money to Prosecutor Kim and Chairwoman Gook confirms it.

He orders her to get rid of “all of them.” Chairwoman Gook worries about the timing, but Director Lee assures her that it’s perfect since no one will expect it.

Meanwhile, Detective Kang watches ex-girlfriend, Cha-kyung’s son play with his friends after school.

Jin-young meets with her father’s former assistant- turned- conman, Mr. Choi. He promises to pay back the money he swindled from her mother, but Jin-young’s more curious about her father’s death. Mr. Choi recalls that night he’d gone out for a smoke and seen her father dangling from the roof. He hadn’t had time to react before his boss plummeted to the ground but he’d seen someone else standing on the roof. Unfortunately, it was too dark to see the alleged assailant’s face.

Jin-young holds up the pouch Jong-sam had found but Mr. Choi doesn’t recognize it. Jin-young questions why the surveillance was cut off and the entire building evacuated that particular night and Mr. Choi agrees he thought it was strange. However, he’d learned her father had order it himself. Additionally, he remembers overhearing her father on the phone, speaking with someone he referred to as “officer.”

Jong-sam returns to the park to find his note still tucked into the slide. Pulling out a pen, he adds that he’s bought a cell phone and for Detective Kang to call him. After replacing the note, Jong-sam remembers seeing Baek Kyung in the chairwoman’s car the night before. He quickly calls Prosecutor Kim to ask where Baek Kyung is hospitalized.

Baek Kyung is startled to see Jong-sam in his room and Jong-sam explains he’s looking for Detective Kang. Baek Kyung sneers he’s doing the same and Jong-sam points out it’s actually illegal for him to be leaving the hospital. Baek Kyung laughs that Jong-sam’s playing a cop, but Jong-sam thinks he might as well do his job.

Sighing that the hospital is unconcerned with broken CCTV cameras and the whereabouts of its patients, Jong-sam announces he’s hidden his own cameras all over. Baek Kyung’s face falls and Jong-sam warns him that if he sees Baek kyung leave again, he’ll use the footage as evidence to lock Baek Kyung back up.

Due to their recent track record, the Men in Black have been consigned to the storage room. Agent Ki whines that they’re bound to be fired soon and wonders if he should start job hunting. Agent Kwak just tells him to get to work and as they open their laptops, he starts rattling off advice on leaving internet comments. Ha! They’ve been delegated to internet trolling against Prosecutor Kim.

Agent Kwak answers a call that can only be from Baek Kyung, reporting that he can’t do their dirty work thanks to Jong-sam’s cameras.

In the back of a van, the ex-convict hacker duo show Jong-sam how to acces the feed from the cameras they set up, via smartphone. Jong-sam suspiciously asks if they left “anything inside”—alluding to the spyware apps they had chose not to remove from Il-seung’s phone when they repaired it. The men assure him they did it properly—pointedly adding honorifics—and Jong-sam is satisfied. His phone rings and he answers a call from Prosecutor Kim.

They meet in Prosecutor Kim’s office and he tells Jong-sam he’s been unable to locate the rest of the money. Jong-sam explains that it’s in cash which confuses Prosecutor Kim. He’s calculated that Director Lee has amassed 3 quadrillion won (roughly 3 billion dollars) but Jong-sam reveals that it’s all stored on a boat that only makes port once a year.

Offering to clear Jong-sam’s name from Il-seung’s murder case, Prosecutor Kim suggests they work together to bring Director Lee down. He calls it patriotism but the adds that if he confesses everything… Jong-sam knows that he’s being threatened and calls Prosecutor Kim out on it. Prosecutor Kim coolly replies he’s merely following the law but Jong-sam snaps that he’s using it however it suits him.

Jong-sam tells Prosecutor Kim to bring legal evidence if he wants to lock him up in prison and storms out.

The NIS agents easily find Jong-sam’s cameras with the help of modern technology and scoff that Jong-sam had been so naive. Baek Kyung threatens that if he gets thrown back in jail because of the cameras, he’ll come looking for them the second he’s released. The agents aren’t amused and they share a 3-way glare,

Jong-sam checks the feeds and sighs that the agents were quick to find the cameras. He snickers that they don’t know about the tracker, though, and thinks that the whole thing is very Mission Impossible.

Jin-young returns to the office and the other detectives tease her for playing hooky. Dae-woong suspects she’s concerned with performance ranking and snatches the case file from her hand. It’s actually her father’s case and Detective Park takes it away just as the forensic officer arrives. He pulls Jin-young aside to say that the phone she had him analyze came up clean. He wonders what case she’s working on but Jin-young says it’s nothing so he leaves.

Detective Park asks about the case and Jin-young admits she’s discovered evidence, testimony, and a witness. While he agrees that’s amazing, Detective Park reminds her she can’t have a relative’s case. Jong-sam returns just as Detective Park is asking for someone else to take the case. Jin-young immediately nominates Jong-sam.

Although Detective Park is fully aware she’s just using Jong-sam as an excuse to investigate secretly, he hands the file over. Jin-young ushers Jong-sam outside to talk and he points out that he’s not qualified to investigate… or use a computer. Aw.

Jin-young assures him that she’ll do all the work but he refuses, citing that he’s too busy. Jin-young proposes to help him investigate Director Lee in exchange, admitting that Eun-bi had called to ask about Ddakji’s death. Jin-young suspects Director Lee is responsible, but Jong-sam warns her not to get involved and walks away.

Detective Kang walks Cha-kyung’s son home, keeping a safe distance. When he sees a man snatch the boy up, he slams the man into a wall and demands to know who he is. The scared boy grips the man’s hand, calling him “hyung” and Detective Kang releases him with an apology. The boy takes off and Detective Kang calls out to him, drawing the attention of Baek Kyung, who was waiting nearby.

Baek Kyung and Detective Kang both take off running. The boy—whose name is Kang—darts through a series of back alleys and hides behind some junk. Baek Kyung passes him, but then doubles back. Closing in on the hiding place, Baek Kyung calls out that he’s not a bad guy. However, when he peeks behind the junk, Little Kang is already gone.


A quick rewind reveals Detective Kang scooping up the boy just as Baek Kyung runs past. He calms Little Kang by assuring him he’s not a bad man and suggesting they call Kang’s father, Detective Park. He pulls out his phone to dial but freezes when Little Kang says that Detective Park is actually his stepfather.

Shaking it off, Detective Kang stands and makes the call but barely manages to tell Detective Park that the boy is with him before Kang tries to run again, screaming for help. Detective Kang drops the phone and scoops the boy up again, running away just as Baek Kyung returns. Snatching up the discarded phone, he chases after them

Alarmed, Detective Park rallies his team and tells Jin-young to trace the call. Jong-sam recognizes Detective Kang’s name and grabs his own phone before following the others. Chief Jang catches Min-pyo and learns that Detective Park’s kid is missing. Outside, the jump in the van and Jin-young says the phone is blocked so they can’t trace it. They start to peel away but Jong-sam jumps in front of the car to say he knows where Detective Kang is.

Detective Kang hides Little Kang in an abandoned building, and says he can trust him, since Detective Kang is friends with his mom. He links pinkies with Little Kang and copies Cha-kyung’s pinky-promise ritual. Little Kang’s face lights up and he asks if Detective Kang knows his father as well. With a pained smile, Detective Kang says he does but then he hears Baek Kyung arrive, and holds Little Kang close.

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Almost caught…

Baek Kyung starts to search but a voice behind him tells him to freeze. He turns to see Jong-sam and Jin-young, whose aiming a taser gun at him. He turns slowly, but then kicks an empty water jug at them and darts past. Jong-sam manages to grab him and they grapple. Baek Kyung is more skilled and escapes. The other detectives chase after him.

Little Kang runs out to Detective Park, who fusses over the boy with relief. Little Kang points out Detective Kang, saying he knows his mother. The two men stare at each other for a beat, and then Detective Kang thanks Detective Park. Detective Kang starts to walk away but Detective Park calls out that he needs to give his statement.

Detective Kang keeps walking, so Detective Park sends Jong-sam after him. Outside, Jong-sam asks why Detective Kang didn’t call him. When Detective Kang doesn’t respond, he holds out his phone to show the tracker on Baek Kyung.

Meanwhile, the other two detectives lose Baek Kyung when he vaults over a high wall. Detective Kang looks at the screen and says he’ll go but Jong-sam says it’s dangerous. Detective Kang explains it’s the only way to end things. He points out that it’s a good opportunity since Baek Kyung will go to the hideout where they’ll be able to find evidence.

Min-pyo brings Little Kang to his mother, Cha-kyung. Min-pyo tells her Detective Park will explain and runs off after receiving a call. Cha-kyung asks Little Kang what happened and he says he met a scary man that turned out to not be so scary. She asks why and he says that the man knew her, Detective Park, and his dad. When he adds that the man also know Cha-kyung’s pinky-promise ritual, her eyes widen.

Jong-sam shows his tracker app to the team, explaining that Baek Kyung is a thug-for-hire and that he was only after Little Kang in order to get Detective Kang. Luckily, Detective Kang was aware of this and was able to intervene. Detective Park asks why Baek Kyung was after Detective Kang in the first place, but Jong-sam just answers vaguely that there’s a reason.

Maknae Dae-woong is excited that they’ll be able to solve a lot of cases if they find the hideout but Detective Park remains suspicious. He questions if they’re really just catching a contract killer and Jong-sam nods. Detective Park asks what the plan is and Jong-sam just points at the tracker.

Detective Kang walks down a dark alley and stops. He yells for someone to come out and Baek Kyung steps out, dragging his friendly, metal pipe. Detective Kang warns him he’ll be in trouble if he damages the corpse so Baek Kyung drops the pipe and the men walk towards a car. Behind them, the detectives watch from the van as the men climb inside.

Detective Park chides Jong-sam for going along with Detective Kang’s plan and just informing them after. Jin-young says they just need to succeed and then they drive off after the car.

Chief Jang has Min-pyo in his office and starts pumping him for information on the team’s actions. He asks how they plan to infiltrate the contract killer’s base and while we don’t hear Min-pyo’s response, we can assume he told because Baek Kyung receives a text. He asks Detective Kang if he’d planned an operation to strike the hideout before tossing his tracker out the window and making a sharp u-turn.

Jin-young watches the signal disappear and announces they’ve been found out. Detective Park urges Dae-woong to drive faster.

Baek Kyung stops the car and cuts the ties on Detective Kang’s feet. He retrieves another phone from Detective Kang’s pocket to add to the one he’d picked up earlier and asks if there’s anything else. Detective Kang doesn’t answer so Baek Kyung shoves him back into the car and walks a few feet away to toss the phones.

While his back is turned, Detective Kang sneaks out the other side of the car and slips away. Baek Kyung comes back to find the car empty and starts searching the surrounding area. Detective Kang hides behind some jink in an alley and waits quietly as Baek Kyung runs around looking for him. Baek Kyung doesn’t have any luck but a door catches his eye and he walks over and opens it.

Hearing the door slam shut, Detective Kang runs back only to find that Baek Kyung had tricked him. Waiting for him in front of the car, Baek Kyung says they need to go a little further before Detective Kang dies.

The detectives arrive but Baek Kyung and Detective Kang are long gone. Detective Park finds the phones in the snow and everyone fans out to search. Jong-sam spots the two men walking in the woods nearby and calls after them. He takes off running and the detectives follow suit. Alerted by the shout, Baek Kyung pushes Detective Kang to move faster.

Everyone runs into the woods and Baek Kyung pulls his knife on Detective Kang. Jong-sam calls out again and the momentary distraction allows Detective Kang to elbow Baek Kyung in the gut. Jong-sam throws himself at Baek Kyung and the two tumble downhill. While Detective Kang cuts his bonds with the knife, Jong-sam gains the upper-hand against Baek Kyung.

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A fight in the woods

Baek Kyung notes that he got there fast and it only spurs Jong-sam to wrap his fingers around the other man’s neck and squeeze. Flashes of Ddakji’s final moments bring tears to his eyes as his hands press harder. Detective Kang pushes Jong-sam off just in time to stop him from killing Baek Kyung. He holds Jong-sam as the younger man cries that it’s Baek Kyung’s fault Ddakji died.

The other detectives join them and Detective Park holds his handcuffs out to Jong-sam to do the honors. Jong-sam stands but he can only throw one disgusted glance in Baek Kyung’s direction before stumbling back down the hill. Jin-young arrests Baek Kyung instead.

Chief Jang makes a frantic phone call to Chairwoman Gook, criticizing her for mucking up their plans. He points out that the whole thing is easily traced back to him but she retorts that he’d volunteered in order to show his loyalty to Director Lee. She snaps that he should control his underlings better and hangs up.

The agents come in to report they’ve erased all ties to Baek Kyung. Chairwoman Gook isn’t impressed since they’ve said that before and been wrong. She asks Agent Ki to confirm but he’s worried Baek Kyung will turn on them. Chairwoman Gook sighs that if that happens, they’ll follow their usual protocol.

Jong-sam joins Baek Kyung in the interrogation room. He questions why Baek Kyung asked for him and the other man says he felt it would be easier to talk with him since they were both in prison together. He tells Jong-sam that he won’t say a word, saying, “People like us… get thrown away after being used. We must keep secrets to live.”

Baek Kyujng points out he kept Jong-sam’s secret too, but warns him not to feel too triumphant since there are many more people like him. He promises to wait for Jong-sam in prison.

Later on, as Baek Kyung sits in his cell, the guard steps outside. Another person enters, and although we don’t see their face, Baek Kyung looks up at them. When the guard returns, the visitor is gone.

Detective Kang and Detective Park sit across from each other in the interrogation room, a blank sheet of paper and a pen between them for Detective Kang’s statement. Detective Park breaks the silence by rattling off Little Kang’s shoe size. He tells Detective Kang the boy’s grade and class, and says that while his studies aren’t great, he’s good at soccer.

Detective Kang says he doesn’t have to tell him, and apologizes. Detective Park asks what for, and Detective Kang just says “everything.” Detective Park says the only thing he should be sorry for is leaving his partner. He says that after working together for over a decade and then leaving like that, no one could replace Detective Kang. Detective Park tells him to write down his statement and then go see Cha-kyung before he leaves.

Afterwards, Detective Kang does as he’s told and visits Cha-kyung. They stare at each other for a charged moment and then she goes back to wiping the tables of her little café. Detective Kang takes a few steps closer and calls her name. She stops but doesn’t look at him as she says that knowing he’s alive is enough. Finally turning towards him, she says that for the past 10 years, that’s all she wanted. Now that her wish has come true, she says he can leave and they never have to see each other again.

Detective Kang doesn’t say anything, but silently nods and walks away as tears fall from Cha-kyung’s eyes.

Jong-sam returns to the office and Jin-young hands him her father’s case file. She orders him to finish reading it tonight and when he balks, she explains that it’s necessary so they can start investigating tomorrow. She says they’ll look for the person who made the pouch he’d found as well. He wonders what happens then, and she says they’ll find the culprit.

Outside, Jin-young catches up with Cha-kyung and opens her car door so the older woman can load Little Kang into the backseat. When Cha-kyung accidentally drops her bag, Jin-young squats down to help her retrieve her things. She freezes when her eyes land on one item and she holds up an identical pouch to the one Jong-sam had found. Little Kang wakes up and says it’s his and she asks where he got it.

Back in the office, Jong-sam holds the case file and flashes back to the night he found the pouch as Little Kang tells Jin-young it belongs to his dad. We now see that Detective Kang was at Jinsung Group that night and saw a man running away from Jin-young’s father’s office and had followed.


Noooo! Stop making Detective Kang into such a bad guy, Show! I don’t think that Detective Kang killed Jin-young’s father, but you have to question what he was doing at Jinsung Group that night. Was he maybe following one of his leads on Director Lee? Whatever happened that night, it’s likely the reason he was so eager to skip town the next day. What is Jin-young’s father’s connection with Director Lee? Is there even a connection? Surely there must be or else Detective Kang wouldn’t have a reason to be there.

In some ways, Detective Kang’s story is even more tragic than Jong-sam’s. Where Jong-sam at least had his most precious person for company during his decade of imprisonment, Detective Kang was all alone while his loved ones were left behind to assume the worst. What’s more, he’s missed out on Kang’s life and will likely not be apart of his son’s future unless the current trajectory shifts. I can understand Cha-kyung’s desire to push him away since she’s built a new life in his absence and his reappearance muddles everything. I do hope they find a solution, although no matter what, someone is going to be hurt.

Speaking of Jin-young, I like her so much more when she’s not angry. It was always a bit off-putting when she’d start berating Jong-sam, because I couldn’t understand why. I know he’s an escaped convict, but her reaction to him was too volatile for that reason alone—especially when they had a budding attraction as teens. I’m not really happy with the reason the show gave her, since it seemed a bit silly to think he killed her father. Regardless of how sketchy his presence outside the office may be, he had zero motive for murder. Thankfully, that’s been cleared up and they can start to build a positive relationship—at least as partners, if nothing else.

I think Baek Kyung might be dead. He may not have been a nice guy, but I do think it’s a shame after that speech he made to Jong-sam. He did their dirty work and kept their secrets but, in the end, he was still dispensable. I’m not sure who they sent in to take care of business, but Chairwoman Gook is pretty trigger-happy when it comes to killing off people she doesn’t like. You know it’s bad when Director Lee has to tell her “no.” It makes me anxious for the Men in Black because they’ve been messing up left and right. Sure, they’re on the wrong side of the battle, but they have a certain quirky charm that I’d miss if they were to fall victim to Chairwoman Gook’s rath.

I’m not a fan of Prosecutor Kim anymore. I was really rooting for him until he started threatening Jong-sam. I understand his desire to take Director Lee down, but the whole thing felt so unnecessary. Jong-sam has spent his entire youth as a victim of the system, and it’s so disheartening when even the “good” guys use the law in order to manipulate him. After Ddakji’s death, Jong-sam has been out for Director Lee’s blood so he’s not a hard sell. The fact that Prosecutor Kim didn’t try to be supportive and instead chose to resort to the same tactics as his enemy just rubs me the wrong way. Especially after Detective Kang pointed out Prosecutor Kim knew Jong-sam was innocent in Il-seung’s murder, but still threatened to convict him for it. I had hoped that would open his eyes to his bullying but apparently he just doesn’t care.