5 Fashion Staples Korean Stars Wear For The Perfect Event-Ready Look

You’ve seen Korean stars in their music videos, dramas, TV shows, and magazines — but in between their busy schedules, they grace various fashion and brand events to show their support. Most of them are the brand ambassadors, which is why their sartorial choices are quite different since they have to wear clothes or accessories […]

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Jessica Talks About Attending Cannes Film Festival And Future Activities

Jessica made a appearance at the 71st Cannes International Film Festival. After debuting as a singer, the star has been actively working in various fields, most notably in the fashion industry with her own brand BLANC & ECLARE. She recently made an appearance at the red carpet for “Hans Solo: A Star Wars Story,” which […]

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15 Celebrities Who Hate Cucumbers

Although cucumbers are a part of many people’s everyday diets, there are some people who can’t just handle the smell of them, let alone the taste. While hate for some foods like pineapple pizzas and cilantro are voiced more frequently, hate for cucumber isn’t voiced out as much. If you thought you were alone in […]

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Former Labelmates Choi Siwon And Jessica Reunite At Charity Event In Hong Kong

On March 26, amFAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research) held a gala event in Hong Kong. The event was attended by various stars including Liam Hemsworth, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kylie Minogue, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, and Jessica. Choi Siwon posed for photos with other stars including Liam Hemsworth, Wu Chun, and Michelle Yeoh. Jessica wore a stunning blue dress for […]

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Trips, Sports, And Late Nights: How Korean Celebrities Date

Why is celebrity dating in Korea so different from the West? Take for example in Hollywood, a romantically linked celebrity couple either personally confirms their relationship, or they just go about their way and try to date like everyone else. Of course, two famous celebs “going public” as a couple comes with a package of paparazzi, entertainment […]

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f(x)’s Krystal Talks About Depending On Her Sister Jessica

f(x)’s Krystal recently opened up about her close relationship with her sister, former Girls’ Generation member Jessica.

Krystal shared that she considers Jessica her mentor, saying that she relies heavily on her sister for advice and support. “To me, my sister is the best of advisors,” she remarked. “She’s both a family member and a friend, and above all, we’re in the same field of work. We share things with each other that we can’t tell anyone else.”

Jessica and Krystal both debuted as girl group members under the same label—Jessica debuted first in 2007 as a member of Girls’ Generation, while Krystal debuted two years later as a member of f(x). Their shared experience of being an idol under SM Entertainment has given the two sisters an unusual amount of common ground.

Krystal explained, “Because [Jessica] debuted first, she has more experience. She helps me by telling me lots of things [about her experience], so that I don’t have go through the same trial-and-error process that she did.”

Krystal also revealed that she was excited to see her sister’s response to her recent performance in the tvN drama “Prison Playbook.”

“The people around me are fairly honest and objective critics [of my acting], but they said I did a good job in ‘Prison Playbook,’” she recalled. “My sister Jessica is the type who waits and binge-watches dramas. So she hasn’t seen it yet. She’s been waiting for the finale.”

“However, she texted me after watching a few clips [from the drama],” she went on. “All she wrote was, ‘You were good~,’ but I was still really happy.”

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Jessica’s Classy OOTDs: How To Dress For Every Occasion

Since her debut as a solo artist and her foray into the business of fashion, Jessica Jung has come a long way. The launch of her brand, BLANC & ECLARE, was in 2014, and her designs as well as her own personal style have become more chic and polished. Her choices always have clean silhouettes and interesting details, or a pop of color or two. It’s neither too much nor is it just plain and boring.

It’s easy to understand her style just by looking at her Instagram OOTDs (Outfit of the day). She follows her own fashion philosophy of “less is more,” and if there’s a term that can describe her style, it’s definitely modern classic. We decoded her simple and sophisticated styles for you to cop for any occasion. You don’t even need a ton of pieces. All you need is less than 10 items to mix and match!

Airport fashion: Jeans + turtle neck + suit jacket + flats

Jessica loves her jeans, blazers, and flats. As you’ll see more of her styles below, those three key items are always part of her style repertoire. She always considers comfort and simplicity when it comes to airport fashion, resulting in a fresh and effortlessly chic look!

Travel: Jeans + button-down shirt + cardigan + blazer

Different countries have varying temperatures, and Jessica has mastered the art of travel style by making a cardigan worn over the shoulders, her signature look. She travels a lot to Los Angeles and New York whenever she works on her brand, and to Europe when she attends fashion weeks. Of course, she always stows her classic basics with her wherever she goes.

“Well, I travel a lot because of work also but because of that, I think I get inspired by what you’re wearing, what everybody’s wearing. I like to people watch,” she said in an interview with Elle.

Dinner: Ruffled blouse + jeans

Whenever she goes out to dinner, Jessica wears ruffled tops and polo shirts. It’s clean, crisp, and it can take you from casual to a semi-fancy dinner.

She told Vogue in an interview: “Usually, what I do if I want to dress things up is, I don’t go for high heels, but I go for mid-heels instead. If I do that, I go for [jeans that are] very simple and classic, a pair without too much damage and nothing too distressed. Then I’d wear a ruffled top or an oversized blouse.”

To add a little bit of color to her white top, Jessica wears silk scarves and statement accessories to break the monotony of her look. The little details matter, and just one or two items can change up and brighten an outfit. She says, “I’m into earrings these days, and I’m into silk scarves. Before, I never shopped for scarves. I’d get one, and I’d say, ‘Mom, you can have it,’ but now, I always look for pretty scarves, [taking into consideration] what suits my skin tone. I think a perfect color scarf really brings out your whole skin tone, lip color, and everything else.”

Events: Classic black outfit + heels

You can never go wrong with black, and Jessica dresses up her LBD with fancy jewelry, clutch, heels, and a red lip.

Lazy day: White shirt + jeans or tone-on-tone items

A basic white tee and jeans are all you need for a casual day out. Jessica keeps it super breezy and comfy with a basic white T-shirt: “Most of the time, I wear plain clothes or very simple, basic ones, and then I’ll have a statement earring or sunglasses. I wear denim almost every day — I’m not a skirt or dress person usually.”

“If you just do like tone-on-tone or even match the look with a different color belt. I think it looks very stylish.”

Work: Tweed jacket

Since Jessica is always on the go, she’s always seen wearing a “work” uniform which consists of a tweed cardigan or a fancy jacket paired with jeans and flats. It’s her way of mixing high-priced (most of her jackets are Chanel) and mid- to low-priced items in her closet.

Winter: Black and camel coats + white knit sweaters

True to her classic taste, Jessica doesn’t go for loud prints and bright colors. She prefers black and camel colors to complete her luxe look for the winter.

Fall: Neutrals

Neutrals and camels are some of those colors that just refuse to go out of style, and Jessica knows this very well. It’s also her colors of choice when it comes to bags.

Summer: Mini dresses + a pop of color

“When it’s warm I like to go flirtier and more feminine.”

Hey Soompiers! What do you think of Jessica’s style and which one of her looks is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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