FNC Responds To Reports Of Yoo Jae Suk’s Contract Ending

FNC Entertainment has responded to reports on Yoo Jae Suk’s contract. Yoo Jae Suk signed with FNC Entertainment on July 16, 2015. A news outlet reported on June 5 that his contract will expire on July 16, 2018. He is reportedly in discussion for various options including renewing his contract or moving to a different […]

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SM Entertainment To Form Strategic Alliance With FNC

Two months after SM Entertainment became the largest shareholder of the company, FNC Add Culture has officially changed its name to SM Life Design Group. Earlier this year, it was announced that SM Entertainment had acquired a 30.51 percent stake in FNC Add Culture, making FNC Entertainment the second largest shareholder at 18 percent. On May […]

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FNC Entertainment Sees Increase In 1st Quarter Profits And Announces Future Plans

On May 15, FNC Entertainment announced its earnings for the first quarter of 2018. During the first quarter, FNC Entertainment recorded total sales of 19.3 billion won (approximately $17.8 million), business loss of 600 million won (approximately $555,821), and net loss of 1.2 billion won (approximately $1,109,642). Compared to last year, its total sales increased by […]

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FNC Entertainment Appoints New Co-CEOs

FNC Entertainment has announced that they have chosen their new CEOs, Ahn Suk Joon and Han Seung Hoon. Through a general meeting of stockholders and board of directors, Ahn Suk Joon and Han Seung Soon were elected to be the co-CEOs of FNC Entertainment. Former CEO Han Sung Ho will step back from management and […]

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SM Entertainment Becomes Largest Stockholder Of KeyEast And FNC Add Culture

SM Entertainment has expanded their business even further! On March 14, KOSDAQ (Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) announced that SM Entertainment is acquiring entertainment agency KeyEast and drama production company FNC Add Culture, a subsidiary of FNC Entertainment. SM Entertainment acquired 19,545,071 shares (25.12 percent) of KeyEast stocks, which belonged to actor Bae Yong Joon, for 50 […]

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FNC Releases Official Statement Regarding Jung Yong Hwa’s Enlistment

On February 5, FNC Entertainment uploaded an official statement on the recent controversy surrounding Jung Yong Hwa’s graduate school admission and his upcoming enlistment.

The CNBLUE leader recently was surrounded by controversy after being investigated by the police for allegedly being given preferential admission into Kyunghee University’s graduate school. FNC Entertainment then abruptly announced that Jung Yong Hwa would be enlisting in the military in March and that many overseas tours would be canceled.

In the official statement, the agency apologized for the sudden enlistment and promised that they were looking into fans’ complaints and requests. The agency also stated that they and Jung Yong Hwa had come to a decision about the enlistment after much discussion and that they would soon be arranging a way for the artist to properly say goodbye to his fans. FNC Entertainment concluded with the promise of more communication with fans and to continuously support and protect their artists.

Read the full statement below:

“Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

“Thank you for always loving and supporting our artists.

“We would like to sincerely apologize to the many fans who may have been hurt due to the unfortunate events surrounding Jung Yong Hwa. We also feel a heavy responsibility for not being able to systematically support and protect our artists, for any reason. We are also carefully recognizing your complaints, perspectives, and requests regarding the situation. We are thoroughly considering a plan of action on the issue, regarding false information, malicious commenters, and so on. We hope that you will understand that as we are in a situation where we do not know what may happen, we cannot reveal any more details. There will be another time for us to explain the details of our course of action. In regards to the complaints against our company’s call center, we will take measures to change the operators as soon as possible.

“We do believe it’s regretful that Jung Yong Hwa had to suddenly enlist despite scheduled activities abroad and that he had to do so without properly explaining and saying goodbye to fans. Despite the short amount of time, the agency and the artist considered various situations, and after much discussion, the decision has been made. We believe that there will be a time when we will be able to explain everything in detail. We will soon announce a way for him to say goodbye to fans in both Korea and abroad who were confused by the sudden announcement. We will keep to our principle that artists should spread their talent as much as they want, and that we should repay fans for their trust and love. We will communicate with the fans even more proactively.

“We will reinforce our system of protecting and supporting our artists and will also thoroughly manage the employees within our company. We will respond to the malicious commenters and users who spread false information against our artists with strong legal measures.

“Finally, we have something we would very much like to say. Our employees respect Jung Yong Hwa as an artist as well as his talent, effort, and sincerity as much as you all do. Going forward, we will protect him with unwavering trust. As staff members who work with him, as well as colleagues and fans who have watched him from close by, we will overcome these difficulties by relying on each other.

“We apologize once again for hurting and disappointing fans.”

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Jung Hye Sung Talks About Why She Likes FNC Entertainment

Jung Hye Sung appears to be quite fond of her agency, FNC Entertainment.

The actress, who is now six years into her career, has been quite the busy bee. In the span of six years, she has made appearances in 12 dramas, even filming three in a row last year. First, KBS’s “Chief Kim” drew high viewership ratings, then in “Manhole,” she worked with great colleagues and friends. The actress then took on her first lead role with SBS’s “Oh, the Mysterious.”

Her agency, FNC Entertainment, originally got its start as an agency for singers, but has slowly expanded their management activities. It is now one of the largest entertainment agencies and has even gone public. The company was able to see growth due to their attention towards their singers and actors. Although it hasn’t been long since Jung Hye Sung joined the agency, she expressed her affection for FNC Entertainment.

She shared that one aspect she likes is that the company pays well and on time. “Apparently because it’s a public company, the moment they violate any documents, it’s a problem. So when you sign a contract with them, the legal team comes and explains everything. They explain certain things, like how payments will be made and such. They don’t need really need to, but they do it well. They said it’s their responsibility, and that if they don’t it could be an infringement against the law.”

The actress also talked about how when she signed her contract, the legal team was very thorough, and made sure that she signed the contract in person. She continued, “To be honest, when you’re in the middle of filming a drama and such, it’s a bit difficult to do it in person. But you have to go and listen to everything they say and sign in person. There were so many pages, but I listened to everything and signed. They pay well and fast!”

Jung Hye Sung also talked about CEO Han Sung Ho and how comfortable it was that he listens to even the small things she wants to talk about. She explained, “Even the other day, at the company cafe, I heard there had been a drink called the ‘Jung Hye Sung latte,’ but that it had been dropped from the menu. I was curious so I called him and asked, to which he explained very easily why it had been dropped. He then told me that he would put it back up while I’m doing interviews, so I was able to try it. He listens to trifling things like this, so I really like it.”

If you haven’t already, check her out in the latest episode of “Oh, the Mysterious” below!

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