Former Dal Shabet Member Gaeun Gets Married

Former Dal Shabet member Gaeun is now happily married! On June 23, Gaeun got married to her longtime non-celebrity boyfriend in Seoul. Her new husband is four years older than her, and the couple currently runs a clothing company together. Former Dal Shabet member Jiyul and current members Serri, Subin, Ah Young, and Woohee attended the wedding, […]

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Dal Shabet Members Reunite For Gaeun’s Bridal Shower Photo Shoot

Dal Shabet’s Serri prepared a special wedding gift for her former bandmate! Ahead of Gaeun’s wedding on June 23, the members of Dal Shabet gathered to celebrate her upcoming marriage. Former member Jiyul, who left the group with Gaeun in 2015, joined Serri, Subin, and Ah Young in posing for a beautiful bridal shower photo […]

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Former Dal Shabet Member Gaeun Announces Upcoming Marriage

Former Dal Shabet member Gaeun has shared some happy news with fans! On June 14, it was reported that Gaeun will be tying the knot with her non-celebrity boyfriend on June 23. Her boyfriend was described as being four years older than her, and the pair are said to run a clothes business together. It was […]

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UNI.T Talks About “Produce 48,” “MIXNINE,” And The Possibility Of Extending Their Contracts

UNI.T, the project group formed by the female winners of KBS’s idol rebooting project “The Unit,” recently sat down for an interview with news outlet OSEN ahead of their upcoming debut. All nine members of UNI.T have previously debuted either as a solo artist or in a group, and the idols shared that their respective […]

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Former After School Member Jung Ah Ties The Knot With Stars In Attendance

Former After School member Jung Ah made a beautiful bride at her wedding today! On April 28, Jung Ah tied the knot with Jung Chang Young, a professional basketball player for the Changwon LG Sakers, in a ceremony at the New Hilltop Hotel in Seoul. Among the stars in attendance were Jung Ah’s former bandmates […]

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Dal Shabet’s Woohee Talks About “The Unit” Experience And Assures Fans That Group Hasn’t Disbanded

In a recent interview, Dal Shabet’s Woohee shared her experiences on “The Unit” and reassured fans that the group is still together.

Four-member girl group Dal Shabet debuted in 2011 with “Supa Dupa Diva” and released many loved songs, such as “Bling Bling,” “Hit U,” and “Joker.” In December of 2017, Serri, Ah Young, and Subin left Happyface Entertainment, and Woohee, who joined the group one year after the three of them, is currently the only member left at the agency.

Despite that fact, Woohee said, “The members are in different agencies, but Dal Shabet hasn’t disbanded. Sometimes, we fight and swear, but we never break up. We have a good relationship like we’re really sisters. We’re going to come out with a new song to make it up to our supportive fans. We’re making a lot of effort in our respective positions to reunite as Dal Shabet. For the time being, all of our members are going to do their best in their responsibilities.”

Then she added, “It’s unfortunate that we’re not able to do group activities right now. We don’t even want to use the expression that we’re being foolish because all of us haven’t given up yet. Aren’t our senior idols like H.O.T and SECHSKIES showing us examples? We will definitely show a good side of us to the fans.”

During the interview, Woohee also talked about appearing in the idol rebooting show “The Unit.” She said, “At first, I hesitated about appearing on ‘The Unit.’ I was in a complex situation because of the problem with Dal Shabet’s contract. More than anything, we weren’t a group that wasn’t popular, so I felt that if I went on the show, then our group would appear as if it was doomed. I thought it would be fortunate if I did well, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t do well. I was very worried because if my appearance in the ‘The Unit’ ended up with nothing, then I would’ve ruined Dal Shabet’s end.”

Woohee revealed that the reason she was able to make up her mind to go on “The Unit” was because of Matilda’s Haena, who also appeared on the show. Woohee shared, “Haena was also hesitating about appearing on ‘The Unit.’ I told her the situation I was in, and she told me to think about what I wanted to do and to only think about the desire to sing and stand on stage.”

Woohee, who was known for crying a lot during “The Unit,” talked about why she burst into tears at the compliment given by Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun Ah. She shared that it was during the time when the other Dal Shabet members had gone to different agencies. She said, “I felt as if I was southbound. Even the fans said we were ‘effectively disbanded,’ and I became upset and depressed that I wouldn’t be able to see my fans anymore.”

During those hard times of low self-confidence, the ones who gave her courage were Laboum’s ZN and Euna Kim who were on the same team as her. Woohee said, “The two of them kept joking with me because I was depressed. Thanks to that, at one point, I realized that I shouldn’t feel this way. I thought it was arrogant of me to feel burdened. If I had come on this show, I shouldn’t have felt burdened. I thought I had a long way to go, and I was able to pull myself together. I could feel Jo Hyun Ah realizing how I felt and comforting me. I was very grateful.”

When asked how she will remember “The Unit,” she said, “I received many things from ‘The Unit.’ I met friends who are walking on the same path as me and became enlightened. I think the memory of being 28 years old will remain as a unforgettable chapter in my life. I’m very grateful to my supporters, mentors, and colleagues, and because of them, I was happy.”

Woohee came in seventh place in “The Unit” finale and will soon be debuting with the nine-member final project girl group.

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Dal Shabet’s Subin Signs Contract With Keyeast

Dal Shabet’s Subin has found a new agency!

Subin debuted with Dal Shabet in 2011 with “Supa Dupa Diva.” During her time in Dal Shabet, she has shown talent in writing, producing, and arranging music. Subin left her former agency Happyface Entertainment after the expiration of her contract, though she and the other members who left emphasized it was not the end of the girl group.

A source from Keyeast said, “Not only as a musician, but in variety, emceeing, and acting, Subin is a personable and talented artist. We are happy to join hands with someone of such potential. We will do our best as a partner to support her growth and promotion with Keyeast’s expert management system.”

Keyeast is known for as an agency for many famous actors, including Kim Soo Hyun, Bae Yong Joon, Han Ye Seul, Jung Ryeo Won, and more.

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