Malicious Commenters Of Wanna One’s Lee Dae Hwi And Park Woo Jin Forwarded To Prosecution

Brand New Music has released an update for legal action against malicious commenters. Previously in March, it was revealed that legal complaints had been submitted for malicious comments on Wanna One’s Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin. It has now been announced that the commenters have been forward to the prosecution with recommendation for indictment. […]

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Brand New Music Takes Legal Action For Malicious Comments On Wanna One’s Park Woo Jin And Lee Dae Hwi

Brand New Music is the next agency to take legal action on malicious comments. On March 28, the agency revealed that legal complaints have been submitted to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office regarding comments with personal insults and defamation of Wanna One’s Park Woo Jin And Lee Dae Hwi. Brand New Music explained, “There are […]

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Wanna One’s Park Woo Jin And Lee Dae Hwi + MXM Unite For Lunar New Year

The Brand New Music boys have reunited once again!

On February 18, Brand New Music head Rhymer posted a photo of Wanna One’s Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi, MXM’s Kim Dong Hyun and Lim Young Min, and his wife Ahn Hyun Mo.

He wrote, “Cuties that came all the way to my home on the last day of the holiday to give Lunar New Year greetings,” and also thanked his wife for preparing the meal.

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MXM Talks About Agency Brand New Music And Relationship With Park Woo Jin And Lee Dae Hwi

In a recent interview, MXM talked about their agency Brand New Music and their close friendship to their labelmates Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi.

Lim Young Min praised the producers in his agency, saying, “The Brand New Music producers are really good at music. Dong Hyun and I are in the learning process. We compose songs and write lyrics, but there is a difference in skill level with the producers’.” Kim Dong Hyun added, “Even though we didn’t separately learn how to compose songs, we’re being influenced by watching the producers. The songs ‘GOOD DAY’ and ‘I Just Do’ were made during our trainee days.”

MXM also talked about the warm atmosphere of their agency. Kim Dong Hyun said, “There’s a lot of communication exchanged with the senior colleagues of Brand New Music, including the staff members, so we’re like a family.” Lim Young Min explained, “When we meet our senior colleagues, we shake hands and bump our shoulders against each other in a hip hop style. They’re trying to make us feel at ease.”

The two idols revealed that Brand New Music originally had no plans to create MXM. Lim Young Min said, “We thought we would have to wait since Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi debuted as Wanna One. The agency gave us a good opportunity.” Kim Dong Hyun stated, “Our ultimate goal is to be active in Brand New Boys with Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi.”

Following that, MXM talked about their close relationship to the two Wanna One members. Lim Young Min said, “We really want to meet [them] at a music show broadcast. The four of us don’t say embarrassing things to each other. Even when it was New Year’s Day, all we said to each other was ‘Happy New Year.’ We’re like really comfortable brothers.”

MXM recently made a comeback with “Diamond Girl.”

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Brand New Music Drops Lawsuit Against Malicious Commenters

Brand New Music has decided to cancel their lawsuit against netizens who had written malicious comments about Kim Dong Hyun, Park Woo Jin, Lee Dae Hwi, and Im Young Min while they were on “Produce 101 Season 2.”

On August 22, the agency released an official statement, saying, “Hello, this is Brand New Music. We previously filed a complaint for slander and defamation, but the malicious commenters have acknowledged their mistakes, posted an apology, and are deeply reflecting on their actions.”

They added, “After discussing the matter with our artists, we’ve decided to drop the lawsuit this time. However, if we hear of any more malicious acts in the future, we will be dealing with them sternly.”

CEO Rhymer also posted a message on his personal Twitter, saying, “We wanted to kick off our artists’ debuts with positive, hopeful energy rather than negative energy. Please bear in mind that this is our last time being lenient.”

Meanwhile, Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi recently debuted in Wanna One, while Kim Dong Hyun and Im Young Min are currently getting ready to make their official debut as the unit MXM.

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Brand New Music Signs Exclusive Contracts With Lee Dae Hwi, Park Woo Jin, Im Young Min, And Kim Dong Hyun

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Brand New Music has confirmed that it has signed exclusive contracts with four of the agency’s trainees.

Lee Dae Hwi, Park Woo Jin, Im Young Min, and Kim Dong Hyun all became well known while competing on Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” earlier this year.

On July 20, it was reported by news outlets that their agency Brand New Music had signed exclusive contracts with each of the trainees following the show.

The agency responded, “Trainees Lee Dae Hwi, Park Woo Jin, Im Young Jin, and Kim Dong Hyun had been signed under trainee contracts prior to ‘Produce 101 Season 2.’” They continued, “After ‘Produce 101 Season 2,’ they signed exclusive contracts.”

It has been reported that the difference between a trainee contract and an exclusive contract is that trainee contracts do not include a provision about the sharing of profits between a trainee and their agency.

Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin are two of the 11 finalists from “Produce 101 Season 2” and will be debuting with the group Wanna One in August. Brand New Music recently announced that Im Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun will also be debuting as a unit soon.

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Im Young Min Names His Closest Friend On “Produce 101 Season 2” And Shares Stories About Brand New Music Trainees

Brand New Music’s Im Young Min, who became well known after appearing as a contestant on “Produce 101 Season 2” with three other trainees from the agency, recently had the chance to chat with fans in his first live broadcast.

During the show, he was asked by fans about which “Produce 101 Season 2” trainee he was the closest with, and he answered Starship Entertainment’s Jung Se Woon.

“We shared a room together at first,” he explained. “I was in a room together with Jung Se Woon, Kim Dong Hyun, and Lee Gwang Hyun. I think we became close because when we were all put together, he was the first one I talked to. Also we’re both from Busan. I think that’s why we got along so well. Our personalities are also similar!”

Later on, Im Young Min was asked which of the Brand New Music trainees is the most like a “fashionista.”

“First off, we’re all different in terms of our fashion,” he replied. “But it’s not Park Woo Jin. Park Woo Jin is far away from being a fashionista.”

“Lee Dae Hwi is really interested in clothes, and so is Kim Dong Hyun,” he said. He went on to explain that Lee Dae Hwi has his own personal style, while Kim Dong Hyun dresses with a neat and clean look. “I think I might be the most like a fashionista,” said Im Young Min with a laugh, before telling the others he was just kidding and adding, “Park Woo Jin, you know I love you, right?”

Im Young Min then went on to describe each of his fellow trainees, starting with Lee Dae Hwi. He first explained that Lee Dae Hwi was very young when they first met, but he soon realized that he’s quite mature.

“I find it easy to communicate with him when we talk,” he said. “Sometimes he feels like he’s older than me, but he’s still our youngest member. He seems very cute so he feels like he’s the youngest.”

Im Young Min then shared that he first met Park Woo Jin in Busan when Park Woo Jin was in the sixth grade, and Im Young Min guessed that he was in the eighth grade himself at the time.

“We met at a dance school,” he explained, and said they were really close and spent a lot of time together. “There’s this old video of us where I’m dancing and he asks me for 1,000 won [approximately $0.87]. It’d be fun if I can show it to you later!”

“After I came to Seoul, I wasn’t in touch with him for about three years,” he went on to say. “Then I came to the Brand New Music practice room for an audition. Since there were trainees there, I had to greet them by doing a deep bow. As I was bowing, someone called my name. It was Park Woo Jin!”

Im Young Min expressed how amazed he was over how tall Park Woo Jin had become, and said his voice had become much deeper. “I was so surprised,” he said. “He’d become really masculine and mature.”

“Finally, Kim Dong Hyun is a really fun guy,” Im Young Min continued. “He’s really good at keeping everyones’ spirits up. He’s also good at taking care of other people. If someone says they’re sick, he’ll give them medicine or take them to the doctor.”

Im Young Min also answered a question about the guys’ “roles” in the group by describing Kim Dong Hyun as the caring mother, himself as the father who fixes things for the others, Park Woo Jin as the youngest son, and Lee Dae Hwi as the eldest son.

He explained that although Lee Dae Hwi is actually the youngest of the four of them, he’s also mature and clever. Meanwhile, he thinks of Park Woo Jin as being mature but playful (which he believes is because he’s known him since they were kids) which is why he chose him as the youngest son.

Im Young Min made it in the top 20 of “Produce 101 Season 2,” but unfortunately was unable to secure a spot in the top 11 that will be making their debut soon as the temporary boy group Wanna One.

His fellow trainees Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin were voted into the group, while Brand New Music’s founder Rhymer stated prior to the finale that they will be debuting their trainees “very soon” with the timing depending on the results of the show.

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