Song Jae-rim offered lead opposite Kim Yoo-jung in First, Clean Passionately

Song Jae-rim offered lead opposite Kim Yoo-jung in First, Clean Passionately

This could be a cute pairing: Song Jae-rim (Our Gap-soon) has been offered the lead role in JTBC’s webtoon-adapted drama First, Clean Passionately, a romantic comedy that has already secured Kim Yoo-jung (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) to headline.

The drama setup is basic—the hero runs a cleaning company, the heroine works for it—but I’m looking forward to this drama with anticipation because I love the character descriptions. Kim Yoo-jung will play Gil Oh-sol, an energetic and “fourth-dimensional” (weird) young woman for whom “subsistence is more important than cleanliness.” Oh-sol is working hard to find her entry into the workforce and does part-time work in the meantime, and has no time for dating and cultivating tidy habits; her tracksuits always have holes in the knees and her sense of hygiene is a bit fat zero.

Naturally, our leading man is the opposite: The role Song Jae-rim is up to play is of Jang Sun-gyul, the owner of the cleaning company for whom cleanliness is more important than anything else. He’s a complete germophobe, and when the grubby Oh-sol takes up a job working at his company, we kick off a “human reform project”—presumably to clean her up, although I wouldn’t mind if we rumpled him up a bit in the process, either.

I suppose Song Jae-rim may be a bit old for Kim Yoo-jung, but I do love his appealing oddball air and deadpan reactions that would work well with this kind of rom-com. The drama comes from director Noh Jong-chan of Cruel Palace and Queen Dowager Insoo, and is written by and Joseon Gunman’s Han Hee-jung. The drama premieres in April.

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Yang Jiwon Talks About Competing With Much Younger Contestants On “The Unit”

Yang Jiwon recently shared her thoughts on being one of the older contestants on KBS2’s idol rebooting project “The Unit.”

The January 22 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Soo Ji’s Song Plaza” featured the individual first place winners from the fourth mission on “The Unit.” NC.A, SONAMOO’s Euijin, Yang Jiwon, LABOUM’s ZN, and DIA’s Yebin appeared as guests to promote their respective team’s songs.

During the broadcast, Yebin mentioned her fellow DIA member Jung Chaeyeon who appeared on Mnet’s “Produce 101” and then went on to promote as a member of I.O.I. Yebin remarked, “I did feel a burden. I thought there would be high expectations for me as Jung Chaeyeon did well on ‘Produce 101.’ It’s true that I worried about disappointing the viewers.”

Yang Jiwon also commented on her age difference with many of the contestants on “The Unit.” She said, “I’m turning 31 years old (in Korean reckoning) this year. I knew I would have an age difference with my team members [on ‘The Unit’], but I didn’t know it would be a full 12 years. Rather than feeling generational differences, I’ve found the differences in energy to be a little challenging. I’m sitting down a lot.”

Yang Jiwon then closed by asking for a lot of love and interest in the upcoming final mission of “The Unit.”

Watch the latest episode of “The Unit” below!

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INFINITE Members Reveal When They Feel The Most Affection For Each Other

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INFINITE shared their strong group bond and affection for one another during a pictorial for fashion magazine Cosmopolitan’s February issue.

The members of INFINITE were asked when they felt the most affection for each other, to which they replied, “When we know we’re all tired, but we are still considerate of one another. We know we are all working hard, so we feel the most affection when we persevere and say ‘let’s do it one more time.’”

The released photos capture the boyish charms of INFINITE as the members sport casual outfits and pose naturally. INFINITE recently made their comeback after a year and four months with the title track “Tell Me,” and has won five awards on music shows this promotion cycle so far.

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Premiere Watch: Mother

Premiere Watch: Mother


Time slot: Wednesday & Thursday
Broadcaster: tvN
Genre: Melodrama
Episode count: 16

Reasons to watch: This has well-made drama written all over it. Lee Bo-young is starring, PD Kim Chul-kyu of the sharply directed Chicago Typewriter and On the Way to the Airport (also My Beautiful Bride and Hwang Jin-yi among his older works) is at the helm, and screenwriter Jung Seo-kyung of The Handmaiden, The Truth Beneath, and Thirst is making her drama debut with this project. That sets the bar pretty high, so the only question is whether I’ll be in the right mood to watch it.

Mother is a remake of the 2010 Japanese drama of the same name, about a teacher who discovers that a young girl is being abused by her mother at home. On an impulse, she decides to kidnap the child and run away, and they form a beautiful mother-daughter bond—an unusual premise, but a fascinating one. The drama explores blood ties, found families, the problematic morality of the teacher’s choice, and mother-daughter relationships of all kinds. It certainly doesn’t sound like a breezy watch, but I expect to be moved by the human drama, and brought to tears by Lee Bo-young. And probably get my heart ripped out by the little girl. Gah, can I handle this?


Jo Jung Suk Comments On Being In A Public Relationship With Gummy And Potential Marriage

Actor Jo Jung Suk carefully opened up about his relationship with his singer girlfriend Gummy in a recent interview.

The two of them admitted they were dating in 2015, and are currently in their fifth year together. Their relationship has always been a quiet and secretive one, which is why there have been rumors about a break-up. However, recently during the 2017 MBC Drama Awards, he mentioned her name while receiving his Male High Excellence Award, and indirectly let everyone know they were still dating.

Jo Jung Suk said, “The reason why I mentioned her was because I’m grateful that she’s a huge fan of my dramas. [While I was filming “Two Cops,”] I didn’t have enough time to really see her or even talk to her. I would come home, sleep, wake up, and go to the [filming set] like a zombie. She was busy with concerts as well. I think all we exchanged were words like, ‘I’m enjoying your work.’”

At a question about articles about their rumored breakup, Jo Jung Suk laughed while replying, “I never even heard about those rumors. We’re dating well.” Concerning marriage, the actor said, “We don’t have particular wedding plans yet. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been dating for a long time, but I get asked that a lot. It’s only right for me to tell you if we do have such plans, but we don’t have any right now. The right thing to do would be to tell you when it’s time, right?”

The actor also commented on the negative parts of being in a public relationship for so long. Jo Jung Suk honestly shared, “If we’re talking about uncomfortable aspects, it’s when I get asked questions like this, and I just say what’s on my mind but then the articles only focus on this [topic]. So, it’s very unfortunate. I think that’s what is difficult about public relationships. Because my words can be delivered in a different way contrary to my intentions, it can be burdensome and difficult.”

Jo Jung Suk’s latest drama “Two Cops” ended recently. Watch the last episode below if you haven’t already!

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Son Ye Jin Expresses Her Gratitude Towards Late Co-Star Kim Joo Hyuk

Actress Son Ye Jin talked about her experiences working with late actor Kim Joo Hyuk.

To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of men’s fashion magazine Esquire, Son Ye Jin recently became the first woman to grace its cover.

In the interview after the pictorial, Son Ye Jin mentioned Kim Joo Hyuk who passed away last year. The two of them had filmed two movies, “My Wife Got Married” and “The Truth Beneath,” together.

Son Ye Jin said, “In ‘My Wife Got Married,’ the husband of my character In Ah is a difficult character to play because he could appear to be a pitiful loser. In ‘The Truth Beneath,’ the female lead character can’t help but stand out as well, and the character who plays opposite mine isn’t a role where you can show many things acting-wise.” She added, “Despite that, Joo Hyuk played those roles in both movies. I don’t think anyone else could have done that but him. I was grateful.”

Son Ye Jin will be returning to the small screen with “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” (literal translation) alongside Jung Hae In.

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Chungha Responds To People Saying Her Personality Has Changed

Chungha appeared on the January 22 broadcast of MBC FM’s radio show “Kangta’s Starry Night.”

During the program, Chungha was asked about her real personality. The singer answered, “I have emotional ups and downs. When I’m with my friends, I’m loud and lively but calm when I’m alone.”

She continued, “There are some people who misunderstand. During I.O.I promotions, I was very outgoing because I was with my friends, but became calm and quiet when I started promoting solo. There are people who think I changed, but this is my real personality.”

Host Ilac made everyone laugh when he commented, “Isn’t it weirder if you’re loud when you’re alone?”

Chungha is currently promoting her second mini album. Check out the MV for her title track “Roller Coaster” here!

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